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Whether it’s James Bond playing a high stakes poker game, the mobsters in Casino or the bright lights of the Las Vegas strip, casinos have remained cool for over a century now. A 24-hour night of glamour and risk has played host to some of the most iconic games in history. From the slot machines to the poker room, blackjack table to the roulette wheel – everywhere you turn in a casino you’ll find something you recognise from movies, television, books or even music. 

The roulette remains one of the most glamorous and popular games in both land-based and online casinos. First devised as we know it today in 18th century France, roulette is still one of the first ports of call for many casino goers both new and old. When you think of a casino, you think of the roulette wheel. Despite poker enjoying a huge boom in recent decades, the simplicity of blackjack and the presence of countless video slots, roulette still enjoys a prominent position in both online and traditional casinos. 

But why is roulette still cool after all these years? 

Win potential

Roulette might seem on the surface to be a simple game with limited winning potential. When you take a closer look, though, you’ll discover some fascinating bet and outcome potential that can result in very sizeable payouts. In fact, Newcastle United owner Mike Ashley won a huge £1.3 million on a single spin at a casino in 2008. While the majority of us will unlikely ever be wagering that sort of stake, there is a real potential for winning big when playing roulette, even betting modestly. 


People love working on different strategies and techniques for casino games, none more so than roulette. There are a variety of methods out there, and no luck of people who claim to have come up with a successful strategy, but none have proved conclusively that they work 100% of the time. That said, the Martingale Strategy is a particularly interesting method, ensuring that losses are minimised due to clever increase in bet size with every losing round, and this video showing how it works certainly makes for intriguing viewing. 

The props

There is something hypnotic about much of roulette. From the way in which the ball spins around the wheel before bouncing along and settling in the winning numbered pocket to the frantic last second betting and the way in which the croupier handles the chips, it’s almost a ritual to please Lady Luck. While you might be able to play blackjack with your partner in the airport and get some friends round for an evening of poker, roulette is something you can only really enjoy at a casino – which only goes to enhance its glamorous aura. 


As with other casino games, roulette can be made extremely complicated if you’re trying various technical strategies. On the other hand, however, if you want it to be, roulette can be a very simple game to play and a great way to enjoy a relatively low-risk game while enjoying a truly iconic casino experience. While you can be worried about being beaten by a better player when competing in a poker tournament, or by the pressurised decision making in blackjack, you don’t need to have practised for months to win at roulette.

And finally, the thrill

Above everything else, there is no thrill in a casino quite like watching the ball dance along the roulette wheel heading joyously towards your heavily-backed number 34.