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A MEN’S shaving range designed by a North East barber is proving to be a massive hit in the USA.

Village Barber Shaving Oil and Aftershave Balm are being snapped up by men across the pond desperate to indulge in a good old fashioned British shaving ritual.

The brand, developed by professional barber Iain Kane along with a clinical aromatherapist, offers a luxurious alternative to shaving gels, creams and moisturisers and has been specially formulated to banish irritation, redness and soreness.

The products are all available to buy online, and Mr Kane has recently noted a surge in orders coming in from all over America.

“We have been selling well across Europe but we’ve also noticed a really big number of orders coming in from men in the USA,” he said. “We have been distributing to all parts of America, from California to New York to Chicago.”

Mr Kane believes the rise in orders comes from the current trend for wet shaving which is sweeping North America.

Unlike Britain where beards have been big business for last four years, in America men still prefer to be clean shaven and are now spending more time and money looking after their face and skin.

And one product which is much harder to source stateside is shaving oil.

“Over the last couple of years men have become more aware of how to get a good shave, but shaving oil, as a stand-alone product  –  without the added use of foams and gels – is something which is still quite a new concept to America,” added Mr Kane.

“We’ve had many people coming to us asking about our Shaving Oil, and this is proving to be a very popular seller. Clients love the smoothness of the shave as well as the scent, and we’ve had a real upturn in orders recently.”

Village Barber Shaving Oil is 100 per cent natural and paraben free, and has been designed to give the most comfortable shave possible – particularly to men with sensitive skin.

The range, which also includes Aftershave Balm, was created by Mr Kane, a barber with more than 30 years of experience in his field, to use on clients at his barber shop in County Durham.

As well as selling well across America, Village Barber products are gaining popularity across Europe including Russia, Spain and Scandinavia and have won acclaim from male grooming experts, beauty editors and bloggers.

To see expert shaving video tutorials or to explore the range further and purchase Village Barber products, visit the website: