Sectional sofas are bigger alternatives to standard sofas – they are perfect for large families and homes that often host a crowd. The major attraction of sectional sofas is the bigger size and durability for lounging.

In the past, sectional sofas were mostly very bulky and unattractive but they are now far better in both appearance and weight, thanks to technology and innovation. Sectional sofas have several peculiar benefits including:

  •         More room: sectional sofas typically offer more seating space than standard sofas, allowing more people to sit at a time.
  •         Perfect for both larger and smaller rooms: against the usual feeling that sectional chairs are only suitable for large rooms, they can equally help people with smaller rooms to maximize their space. This is backed by the recommendation of fewer, larger pieces of furniture than many, small pieces of furniture for a smaller room. Place the sectional sofa in a corner and watch your room look bigger than it is.
  •         Create distinct rooms within a larger area: the arrangement of an open floor plan can be tricky – a sectional sofa will make this easier by helping to create distinct rooms in a bigger space.

Selecting a sectional sofa can be quite tricky because there are so many options to pick from. At the same time, more options mean a higher chance of getting what you want. You just need to know what you want – the options include:

  •         L-Shape: this sectional sofa looks like two sofas joined together at 90 degrees to form an L shape. The most common of this category is a three-cushion style joined to a two-cushion style but the combination of four-cushion style with three-cushion is also not uncommon. This type of sectional sofas is the most versatile – it can be easily placed in a corner or middle of a room.
  •         Curved: this type of sectional sofa has better structural appeal. It can easily function as a piece of art, adding elegance to your space. It is however not the best for smaller rooms because it has to be positioned far from the wall.
  •         Chaise: this is more like a standard sofa but has an extended ottoman on one side. It is a simpler version of the L-shape sectional sofa – it can fit into almost anywhere a standard sofa can fit. It is suitable for both large and smaller rooms.
  •         Modular: this type of sectional sofa is different from most. It can have up to five pieces that can be arranged as you like rather than stationary pieces that can only be arranged in a certain way. This greater flexibility or versatility is a great thing to have.
  •         U-shape: this is an ideal sofa for large spaces as well as settings that involve fostering intimate conversations. It has two extended arms designed opposite each other hence allowing users to get more seating space as well as be very intimate.
  •         Sleeper: finally, there is the sleeper-type of a sectional sofa. They are  designed not to just serve as great sofas but also to provide comfortable sleeping space. They often appear with chaise-style sectional. They are a perfect way to maximize your space.

 The above classification is a general one, let’s see a broader category.

Hexagon Sectional

This sectional is similar to a U-style sectional. The shape is however unique and adds modern appeal to space. It also comes with a hexagon ottoman that further lifts the contemporary outlook. Two small lights are included in the center to enhance the elegance. It is more suitable for large rooms.

SNL-Rounded Corner Leather Sofa With Wooden Trim

This is another modern style of sectional sofas. It has white rounded and wooden trim. The curves are soft and the style is delicate – it will keep users cozy and comfortable for several hours.


This is basically an L shape sectional. It has a modern vibe that will fit any modern and contemporary design seamlessly. It features a minimalist design and comes with adjustable headrests as well as a center console containing Bluetooth speakers.


This is between the L-style and U-style sectional. It is bold and highly appealing. It is highly versatile hence you can get many functions out of it, in addition to its amazing look. Its additional features include a shelf and side drawer.

Brown and Beige Bonded Leather Sectional Sofa

This is a curved sectional. Its beige and brown leather sectionals will make a striking statement in any space. It has built-in footrests designed to enhance the comfort and relaxation of users.

Historic transformation

This is a traditional sectional designed to fit traditional spaces as well as transitional spaces. The ambiance is great, thanks to the neutral hue. The texture of the upholstery keeps users comfortable and cozy.

J Design Group

This is another L shape sectional with a minimalist look. It has style written all over it hence it is ideal for any luxury design.

Italian Leather Sectional

This is another exquisite L shape sectional that will add taste to any modern space. The design includes an ottoman for additional functionality and class. Its reflective surfaces and bold-colored accent makes it very appealing.

Portugal Sectional Sofa

This is a sleek and edgy sectional. It is an ideal sectional for masculine taste; it has very little drama to it. It comes with a coffee table that matches its design and outlook, creating a cohesive look.

Divani Casa 6139 Modern Redcand White Bonded Leather Sectional Sofa

It is a very colorful sectional with space-saving features. It is very unique; it will add color and elegance to any space. The storage section allows you to declutter your space. You can store books and other items.

 Choosing the Right Sectional Sofa

Being bigger pieces of furniture, choosing the right sectional sofas requires a proper understanding of key things.

  •         Distinguish the left from the right: if you want to choose an L-shape or chaise sectional, it is imperative to get your choice right. A right-facing style or a left-facing style? To avoid mistake, which happens quite often, face your sectional imaginary and decide the one you wants. The right-style sectional extends out at the right side and vice versa.
  •         Size: it is important to ensure the size of the chair is suitable for your space, especially if you are going for options that are not suitable for smaller spaces.
  •         Arrangement: regular sofas are often placed against the wall but you can be more flexible with sectionals. You can float the entire furniture or a part of it such as the extended arm.
  •         Accessories: large selection of rugs for large pieces of furniture is better. Therefore, buy a rug that exceeds the boundaries of the sectional, making your room look larger. With such a rug, make sure the coffee table remains within its boundaries.


Sectional sofas are very versatile and functional pieces of furniture that have seen significant improvements over the years. They are ideal pieces of furniture for larger families and people who host many guests often. They are not short on style and you have numerous options to pick from. Some of the most beautiful types you can add to your living room are highlighted above.