Modern students are in a much better situation than people who studied when there were no gadgets. They have now only modern laptops and smartphones, which at times simplified the lives of modern people. Integration of innovative technologies in the educational system leads to the fact that students of higher education institutions become one of the most active users of various gadgets. For example, you can use SmartPen Neo to write american dream essay. We offer you a selection of interesting gadgets that will be useful for students. We picked up 10 gadgets for students who will be useful in their studies and not only.

Smart Pen Neo Smartpen N2

Smartpen Neo SmartPen N2 – the dream of a student of the last century is embodied in reality. The pen is able not only to digitize all handwritten notes, but also to transcribe the manuscript into electronic text. The recognition percentage is very high and comparable with the percentage of human recognition.

Philips Alarm Clock HF3505

How difficult it is sometimes after a cheerful night to wake up to the awful sound of an alarm clock on the smartphone. What kind of melody you cannot put, over time, it becomes a harbinger of the hellish torment of awakening and your favorite melody is no longer a beloved but an ugly sound. With smart Philips Alarm Clock, waking up won’t be a challenge any more.

Sonic Bomb

Alarm clock – a gadget, by its very nature called to cause hatred, but the overwhelming majority is necessary. As soon as the manufacturers of these controversial devices did not excel, giving them the opportunity to escape from their sleepy wards or cut their blood bank notes. The creators of Sonic Bomb did not come up with anything particularly original. Only brute force, more precisely, a very strong and sharp sound: as much as 113 decibels will hit you not yet awakened brain. The volume level is comparable to that of a jackhammer or a manual gasoline carver, so it’s unlikely that after working out it will be possible to remain in Morpheus’ arms. And if you can, then, apparently, it’s time for you to visit a specialist.

Livescribe 3 Pen

The need to copy the abstracts manually or for hours to copy the necessary pages – now everything that is recorded in the lessons and lectures can be automatically transferred to the tablet or smartphone. Livescribe 3 Pen is a gadget that allows you to translate written text from hand to digital. And, it happens in real time – via Bluetooth. An infrared camera, a processor, a Bluetooth chip, an operating memory and a lithium-ion battery make the device, not an ordinary pen.


More and more people get to universities on bicycles or take valuable items with them to educational institutions. It is not always convenient to carry them with you; sometimes you need to leave them in the locker room or an empty room. How to keep things intact? Close the lock. But it’s easy to pick up a key to ordinary keys or to break them. Noke, a project that raised nearly $ 630,000 on Kickstarter, is a lock that can only be opened with a smartphone.

Laser Projection Virtual Keyboard

Carry notebooks with you – the last century. There are too heavy and socket-dependent devices. And on a tablet or a smartphone, writing a lecture is not always convenient – too small keyboards. The gadget runs on a lithium-ion battery and contacts the smartphone or tablet directly.


Gadgets are needed not only for guys but girls. But for the beautiful half of them, they are needed not so much. The same fitness trackers do not suit classical clothes at all, and smart watches only recently began to look more or less decent. But we managed to find a very “girl’s” gadget – a mirror that can be used to recharge a smartphone or tablet. It’s an external battery.

Microsoft Surface 3

Microsoft Surface 3Price: 79 990 rub.
This is our choice in the market of hybrids tablet/laptop. This is a full-fledged computer running Windows, with a 10.8-inch touchscreen and a keyboard that is attached to it on magnets (to create a greater similarity with the laptop).

MiPow Power Cube 9000

MiPow Power Cube 9000 Price: 7 526 rubs.
This rechargeable battery has a built-in Lightning cable for the iPhone, although they can be charged by other phones using the supplied microUSB cable. It is clad with aluminum and comes in “native” for iPhone colors – silver, gold and gray.

Apple MacBook

If you want to get a good computer, with excellent hardware and software, you need to contact Apple. Their latest MacBook is slim; lightweight has a gorgeous high-resolution display. You can also choose its color-gold, silver or cosmic gray. This laptop is equipped with the latest USB-C connector, so do not forget to purchase the adapter.