Nowadays, we are more and more tired of the information flow coming into the brain. People who can provide explanations in an accessible, original, and bright way are becoming more valuable. They know how to describe in such a way that the reader can not break away from the text. To be a writer is a constant self-development and work on your own mistakes. A writer can’t just pay to write papers or delegate his responsibilities to somebody else. They are in the process of permanent learning how to write better. Therefore, we have prepared 14 hacks that can help you become a great writer. Besides, we offer you a couple of exercises that can boost your creativity.

How to Become a Better Writer?

  1. Write every day. Only practice will teach you to write better.
  2. Read all the time. Browse through a variety of writing styles and create a taxonomy of the styles you prefer. Read like an author: pay attention to the structure, tone, shape, grammatical structures, etc. Try to write the same fictional paragraph in the style of your favorite authors.
  3. Read the style guides of the various publications. AP, The New York Times, and others have them.
  4. Details matter. If you ask five people to write a story about an apple tree that grows in a village, it will be absolutely different stories. If you ask to prepare important news, it will be in the context of recent events. The context in which we live is very important.
  5. Write whatever you want and then leave the first and last paragraphs. This is a universal rule — when you write a story, it is better to leave only the first and the last paragraphs.
  6. Pay a lot of attention to the title and the annotation. If the style of the publication allows, shock the readers with the title.
  7. Steal. Not literally, of course. It would help if you always looked at your colleagues and competitors’ experience, find the best, and use it.
  8. The last line is equivalent to an explosion. Your text is worthless if the last line does not give the person an understanding of why he has read all this.
  9. Use short sentences. Use commas when you need them. Do not use a semicolon at all.
  10. Write as you speak. You have your style, and you feel the world at a specific angle. Do not change yourself when you switch to paper.
  11. Unnecessary words are the most terrible enemies. Having written a phrase, look at it and throw away half of the words. Doesn’t it work? Change the phrases so that it works.
  12. Do not use three-verb structures or adjectives in a row.
  13. The different lengths of sentences make the text dynamic, easier and more fun to read, gradually grasping each line.
  14. Add your own experiences, both positive and negative. The best stories are your personal adventures (only you can tell the reader about them).

How to Boost Creativity as a Writer?

The brain acts like a muscle, and the following exercises will be excellent simulators of creativity, helping to go beyond the usual limits of thinking.

  • Choose any letter and come up with a story where each word starts with that letter. Ridiculous, absurd works of art that will eventually increase your vocabulary and improve your ability to choose bright metaphors.
  • Write an A-Z story in which each subsequent sentence begins with a new letter of the alphabet.
  • Choose a letter, for example, “x” and write a small story without using this letter. As you improve, you can exclude more and more letters.
  • Take the plot of a children’s fairy tale or a novel and rewrite it in the style of horror, thriller, or drama. Do not be afraid to experiment and crash into subgenres: Cinderella in the genre of social thriller has every chance not to get married, become the main evil-devil, and take revenge on her stepmother and sisters for all her suffering.
  • Try to place the book’s plot or a review of your favorite movie in one or three sentences.
  • Find a trailer for a movie you don’t know, mute it and write a storyline and character descriptions after watching it. Then turn on the sound, check out the real plot and analyze which variant is better.