After a series of reconsideration, the Churchill Downs Incorporated has decided to pursue the Kentucky Derby this year on September 5, 2020. Kevin Flanery, Track President, has also confirmed that the Derby will allow 50% audience capacity to grace the event amidst COVID-19 pandemic.

With the Run For The Roses’ return, the U.S. Triple Crown Series is not taking a break this year. In fact, the Belmont Stakes had successfully taken place last June 6 and served as the first leg of the event. It is why the Kentucky Derby will follow this September to continue featuring the horses in their quest for the Triple Crown title.

With one more month to go, horse racing fans will see another classic racing match in one of America’s most notable racetracks. If you wish to go to Louisville, Kentucky, to see the action-packed live show, here are things you must expect to guide you on to the whole Derby competition will look like in September.

Fifty-Percent Seating Capacity

As stated, Kevin Flanery has announced earlier this June that amidst the Coronavirus outbreak, they will allow fans to witness the event\. However, they will not allow full seating capacity as it is reduced to fifty percent only. And you can still book your tickets on the Kentucky Derby official website and find packages that can help you enjoy the show.

In line with this, the Fan Code of Conduct for the Kentucky Derby requires all permitted audiences to wear proper protective masks. Apart from that, strict social distancing measures must be observed at all times. Flannery also added that upon entering the site, all are expected to undergo medical screening and disinfecting.

Online Betting Games

Another thing you must expect is betting games. Although there are no changes in the betting categories, it is highly advised to gamble using your trusted sportsbook. You can find the most updated odds by visiting the TVG Kentucky Derby page to see all the entries and betting categories you can immediately wager.

When picking a bookie, make sure that you only register on trusted ones. Many sportsbooks offer overwhelming prizes, but some of them are not legitimate. Make sure to read and comprehend the terms first before you open an account. Apart from that, these bookies should clearly outline their mode of payment as you wager through them.

Maximum Of Twenty Horse Racing Participants

As the Kentucky Derby holds the second segment of the Triple Crown this year, you also have to expect a maximum of twenty horses that will saddle in the dirt track. Last month, after the Belmont Stakes took place, the ten winners will surely find their entry to the Derby. These horses will see a rematch in the upcoming race.

The ten remaining slots are reserved for horses who did well during the Kentucky Derby prep races. Remember that if a racehorse can record at least 20 Derby-qualifying points, they can earn a sure berth. All prep-racers were done during the first and second quarters of this year, so the fans can expect the final list to be rolled out in the coming weeks.

No After-Party Events And Other Highlights

There will be no-after party events happening to observe the strict health protocols imposed by the Churchill Downs, Inc. Usually, there is a Kentucky Derby festival in the twin spires stage that features loud music and famous Hollywood performers. This portion is removed as the spectators are only allowed to watch the racing show.

Fans who’d like to strut in the red carpet wearing their favorite horse racing inspired outfits will be disappointed as it’s also not allowed this year. Although you can still wear your rodeo-like suits and dresses, you won’t have a chance to compete and earn prizes. Once you enter the site and go through the medical screening, you must fill in your reserved seat and wait for the show to begin.

Maximum Security Inside The Venue

During the previous years, the Kentucky Derby has imposed security measures to avoid injuries inside the site. Some of these prohibit bringing in a huge purse or bags. Also, cameras with removable lenses are not allowed as well as laptops and camcorders.

This year, the site has imposed a maximum security measure as you get inside the field. It means that you are not allowed to roam around to avoid closer contact with other fans. If there’s one thing you are allowed to bring inside, it would be your mobile for betting games and personal health kits.


Although the world is continuously battling against the COVID-19 pandemic, the Kentucky Derby is being pursued without any doubt. Moreover, it will allow audiences to witness this huge horse racing event. Hence, if you want to see the racehorses saddling in Churchill Downs, be mindful of the adjustments made above so you won’t miss a thing.