• Jens Ocksen, Chairman of the Board of Management of Volkswagen Poznań, kicks off celebration event in stadium
  • 6,000 square metre display screen
  • From assembly operation to state-of-the-art industrial production site

Poznań/Hannover, 9 September 2018: Volkswagen Poznań (Caddy, Crafter, Transporter) celebrated its 25th anniversary with employees, their families and friends yesterday. Highlights for the around 26,000 guests in the stadium of Poznań included a gigantic multimedia show on a 6,000 m2 display screen on the lawn and live acts by Polish pop stars. Jens Ocksen, Chairman of the Board of Management of Volkswagen Poznań, kicked off the anniversary celebration of the largest employer (11,000 employees) in the region of Wielkopolska.

Ocksen: “Volkswagen Poznań has made great strides over its 25 years, rapidly developing from a small assembly operation to one of the most advanced industrial sites in Poland. With their commitment, inventive spirit and great enthusiasm for building commercial vehicles, former and current employees have laid the foundation for a success story in vehicle manufacturing that has endured for 25 years. We can all be proud of this. That is why we are celebrating this anniversary with employees, their families and friends of the company.”

Piotr Olbryś, chairman of the labour union NSZZ ‘Solidarność’ at Volkswagen Poznań: “This anniversary is symbolic of the commitment of countless employees. That is because, in their daily work, they have made a crucial contribution towards advancing not only vehicle production but also the quality of jobs to new levels. We are a labour union and an employee representative that has helped to sustainably shape the successful path of the company and its employees.”

Volkswagen Poznań has already been honoured with Poland’s “Best Employer” award twice now. The company has one of the most advanced commercial vehicle production sites in Europe with its Crafter plant in Września. The Crafter itself has received a number of awards from the automotive press, such as “International Van of the Year” and “Green Van of the Year 2018”.

Volkswagen Poznań is actively engaged in supporting social programmes as well: For instance, the company has provided major support for the construction of kindergartens, playgrounds and football fields, and it has equipped schools with state-of-the-art computers and other technical tools. It also provides ambulances for medical clinics in Poznań.

Information on Volkswagen Poznań GmbH

  • Founded: in 1993 as a joint venture between Volkswagen AG and Polmo (vehicles included the Tarpan)
  • Early days: vehicle assembly with 69 employees
  • Subsidiary: since December 1996, Volkswagen Poznań has been a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Volkswagen AG corporation
  • Employees: around 11,000, of which 2,700 work at the new Crafter plant in Białężyce at Września. Over the past four years alone, the number of employees grew by 64 per cent
  • Chairman of the Board of Management: Jens Ocksen (2007-2010 and since 2014)
  • Plants: four sites – Antoninek (Caddy and Transporter production), Swarzędz-Jasin (special vehicle manufacture), Wilda (foundry), Białężyce-Września (Crafter and MAN TGE production)
  • Current models: Caddy, Caddy Maxi, Transporter T6, Crafter, MAN TGE
  • Number of vehicles produced to date: around three million commercial 2017: 240,000 vehicles (record production)

Information on the anniversary:

  • 140 employees actively participated in the show
  • 100 show dancers
  • 150 technical employees deployed
  • 12 kilometres of cable laid
  • 6,000 square metre display on the lawn
  • 34 projectors
  • 500 square metres of extra display screens
  • 7 days of assembly/building
  • 15 lorries with equipment were used
  • 25,000 trees were planted near the Antoninek plant to mark the anniversary

Click here for the video: https://vimeo.com/288916221