Whether you live at home with your parents, own your own home, or live with friends, your bedroom should be an extension of your own personality. If you love art, then why not have it up on your walls? Whether you have photographs of musicians, famous prints, or paint yourself, having art up on your wall can make your bedroom your own and can leave your mark on it. Your bedroom should not just be a blank canvas, for that can quickly become depression. Your bedroom is your personal art exhibit – your personal area of self-expression.

In this article, we will tell you three types of art prints that are ideal for a bedroom, wherever your bedroom may be. We hope that by the end of this, you will be convinced that an art print is what you need in your bedroom.

Independent Prints

If you are a fan of art but do not want to have any art by any well-known, ‘mainstream’ artists on your wall, then why not consider investing in independent art prints made by up-and-coming artists. Investing in this type of wall art is a great way to support artists who are trying to make a name for themselves. And, of course, you never know, the up-and-comers of today could be the Warhol’s of tomorrow. Investing in art prints could potentially be a great way to make money in the future. It is also, of course, a fantastic way for you to support artists who may be struggling. It also allows you to get more creative and find art that is more suited to your personal taste, rather than choosing to invest in art prints of more famous artists who have their own style which you may not mesh with. Independent prints are great.


If you are a fan of music, what’s a better way to put your own personal touches on your bedroom than by hanging a portrait of your favourite musician on the wall. You can find prints of virtually every single musician who has ever walked the Earth online, and if you can’t, you can make your own by finding a photograph of them and blowing it up. By having your favourite musicians up on the wall, you send a clear message: I love music! It’s a great way to express yourself and to let everyone know a little more about you.

Make Your Own

If you love art, why not make your own? Hanging your own art up on the wall is the best way you could ever hope to express yourself, and it allows you to be critical of your own art, which can be very beneficial. Making and hanging your own art up on the wall is a fantastic way for you to express yourself and decorate your bedroom. It also means you can work on your art over time – just add to the canvas or print any time you feel like doing so!

With this page, you should now know which three types of wall art are best for your bedroom. This page should have hopefully demonstrated that you do not need to be an artist to express yourself through art. We hope you benefited from this page.