The yer 2020 will be remembered in the business world as the year that Corona virus saw tens of thousands of businesses shut down and millions of people left jobless. It has been a terrible time for every kind of industry across the planet as companies, factories, stores and service businesses have been forced to close their doors. 

There were some businesses which managed to stay operational by having their employees work from home via Zoom or some other online solution, and now with the world hoping the worst is behind us, these businesses are looking at how they can open up again.

For every business, the health and well-being of their employees must be of paramount significance and it is therefore so important that a safe workplace is provided. In times of a pandemic, one of the most vital ways of doing this is to make sure that you have a clean, sanitized and well-maintained office.

To help out your business, and all the businesses around the world, this article is a guide to 4 fast and easy ways to maintain your office.

1. Call in a Professional Cleaning Company

One thing that we learned from the Covid-19 pandemic, and from the way we know that other viruses and bacteria work, is that good hygiene is so important for stopping the spread of disease. Before your employees come back to work, and then regularly after they have returned, make sure to hire the services of a professional cleaning company. 

The experts at explain that having a clean and tidy office is always important, but following the pandemic, it has never been more vital. Commercial cleaning services can use all of their knowledge, experience and professional equipment to fully disinfect and sanitize your office space. 

This will keep everyone in your office safe and healthy and reassure your employees and their families that it is ok for them to come back to work. Maintaining a clean office is conducive to a good working environment at all times and helps to create a proud and productive working. Hire a professional cleaning company to come in on a weekly or bi-weekly basis and your office will be all set. See why DNC Facility Services is the best choice when looking for a janitorial service in Waco, TX

2. Create a Socially Distanced Office

Social distancing, at least to some extent, is set to be the new norm for some time yet. Create a socially distanced office by arranging your office desks and other furniture to create as much space between employees as possible. There are many countries where the government has laid out regulations about office arrangement which any business which wants to reopen must adhere to. Make sure that you know the rules and regulations in your country to ensure the safety of your employees.

You can also set your own in- office rules to help keep your employees safe and healthy. Enforce a mask wearing rule and put limits on the number of people who can meet at any one time. This is especially important for areas in your office where multiple employees often meet like in the lunchroom or by the coffee machine.  

3. Encourage Remote Working

Most of the businesses that managed to stay at least partially operational during lockdown managed to do so by enabling their employees to work remotely. The utilization of web conferencing and other online software and business solutions meant that there were many people who were able to do their jobs as effectively from home as they could in the office. As you reopen, continue to encourage remote working for your employees wherever it is possible.

The likelihood is that the business world is going to end up permanently moving in that direction anyway, so not only will you be staying ahead of the game, but less people in the office also means it is easier to maintain. If your employees cannot work from home full-time, try to organize their schedules and tasks that they have at least a couple of days a week where they work from home. If everyone in the office works remotely two days a week, that is almost half your workforce who will be at home at any one time.

4. Provide the Correct Cleaning Items

If you are going to ask your employees to come back to work, then it is your responsibility to provide them with everything they need to stay clean and safe. We learned from the very earliest government advice about the importance of handwashing and sanitization so make sure that there is a plentiful supply of hand soap and hand sanitizer in every bathroom in your office. When it comes to drying our hands, paper towels or electric dryers are far more hygienic than normal towels so also be sure to provide these for your employees.

It is so important to take the correct steps to maintain your office in order to operate safely. The first half of 2020 has been a terrible time for so many businesses, but it is possible to get back on track if the right methods are implemented. Take the steps in this guide to ensure that your office is safe.