62% of senior executives say hiring freelancers improved their company’s overall performance. But where and how are these freelancers adding value? Headway Capital decided to find out. The independent investment firm looked at all the ways freelancers can help small businesses grow quickly. And they also put together a guide for small business owners looking to hire freelance talent for the first time.

Freelancers can be the lifeblood of a fledgling business or start-up. In fact, entrepreneurs and freelancers are a perfect business match. Freelancers are flexible, dynamic, and highly skilled workers. They can run your daily operations or add the extra bit of creative flair that every new business needs. And they’ll do it with minimal supervision. Hiring a freelancer will also cut out the red tape associated with full-time contract staff, saving you time and money. And those are two things every small business needs more of.

But finding reliable talent can be hard work, especially if you don’t know where to look. Professional freelance websites like Upwork and Fiverr are good places to start. But then you’ve got another problem to deal with. These sites have millions of active profiles, and many of them look exactly the same.

So how do you find the one freelancer who can add real value to your business? Learning how to read freelancer profiles will help. Or you can let the right talent find you by writing the perfect job advert.

But however you go about it, you’ll want to avoid the four common mistakes that small business owners make when hiring their first freelancers. And you can find out what those are in the infographic below.