There has been an endless debate when it comes to choosing the better drink; coffee or tea. Each drink can point to different traits in a person’s personality, which is why you can get to know a lot about someone from what they choose to drink. Coffee is exciting, mysterious, seductive, and always versatile, while tea, on the other hand, is still, accompanied by silence, and rarely changes. So how do you want your days to be? Interesting and full of life, or quiet and conventional? Here’s why you should switch to coffee if you’re on ‘team tea’.

1. Energy Boost!

Who doesn’t feel like they’re being drained of energy in the middle of their 8-hour shift, while running around after kids, and doing errands? Sometimes you feel like the day is almost over and you are ready to go home just to find that it’s still midday! A cup of tea at that time wouldn’t be the best idea since tea relaxes you even more; making you want to crawl up in bed. Nothing can help you pick up those energy levels for the rest of the day like a strong cup of coffee. That’s not just a popular opinion, it’s science! The caffeine in coffee travels straight to your brain through your bloodstream and increases neurotransmitters like norepinephrine and dopamine; firing up your neurons. To put it more simply; coffee will make you much more productive!

2. So Many Options

Okay, it’s true that tea comes in many flavors and colors, but even with all of them combined, they can’t come close to the variety of coffee out there. The best thing about becoming a coffee drinker is exploring all the different ways you can have it and the coffee fanatics and guides at explain that the varieties are many, ranging from Turkish coffee, Irish coffee, Americano, Espressos; the possibilities are endless. Prefer cold drinks? You can have an iced coffee. Is the flavor too strong for you? Add some milk. Even with its strong flavor, you can still add extras like cinnamon or chocolate. 

3. It’s Good for Your Health

Everyone always talks about the health benefits of tea, but you’ll be surprised about what coffee has in store for whoever sips on it on the regular. Here are a few health benefits your body will thank you for once you change to coffee:

Fat Burn and Exercise

If the heavenly taste of coffee can’t sway you to switch from tea, then maybe the fact that it can help you lose weight will. Caffeine is known to be in every medical fat burning product and studies show that it also boosts metabolism. It stimulates the nervous system, making cells work on breaking down body fat. It doesn’t stop there, if you’re maintaining an exercise routine, a cup of coffee before your workout leads to more calorie burn. It can also help with the muscle pain that comes with exercise, not to mention the adrenaline it produces will improve your physical performance.

Protection From Chronic Diseases

Would you believe that simply drinking a cup of coffee can act as a shield from multiple dangerous chronic diseases? It’s true, research has shown that coffee contains components; cafestol and caffeic acid, which can lower the risk of developing type 2 diabetes. It was also found that daily coffee intake can delay the development of Alzheimer’s or Dementia, or prevent it altogether. Coffee also shields your liver from common diseases like cirrhosis. There are even a few types of cancer like liver and colorectal cancer that coffee combats; lowering the risk of their development.

4. It’s a Universal Passion

The best thing about coffee is that drinking it is a universal language. There will always be at least one or two people in any setting you’re in that are coffee fanatics. Meeting them means you’ll be getting new coffee recipes and tips to enjoy it in new ways. It’s actually something that brings people together as an ice-breaker with just a simple phrase like “want to grab a cup of coffee?”. It works with business meetings, a cozy date, a catch-up with friends, or even just some downtime with co-workers in the break room to recharge. Now tell us if the tea has such an enthusiastic community?

There you have it; if all this doesn’t make you go from tea to coffee, you’ll be missing out on a lot. It’s not just the strong flavor (unlike tea), or its wide variety and health benefits; it’s the way it becomes part of your lifestyle that you can’t skip and how there’s a whole community who share it. Not being able to function without morning coffee is now so normalized that companies and offices set up a whole coffee corner to get the best out of their staff.