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Over the years, Hollywood has constantly flirted with some of the leading land-based casinos in Las Vegas, Macau and other leading gambling destinations. There are hundreds if not thousands of casino movies available today. Casino movies provide you with the opportunity to see people go through the trials and tribulations of different casino games. As a matter of fact, the ups and downs that gamblers go through in gambling have become a great inspiration for different books, movies, and even songs. Without following any hierarchical order, let us take a quick look at the best 5 casino movies today.

21 Movie

If you are a true lover of blackjack game, you probably have watched this blockbuster card counting movie. It features Kevin Spacey who plays MIT professor Mickey Rosa who recruits and trains a group of students the art of card counting. One good thing about this movie is that it is based on a true life story. After perfecting in card counting, they did not only loose from casinos huge sums of money but interfered with the security systems too. In fact, the MIT team managed to loot more than $400,000 in a single weekend. This made them so popular in US-based casinos to the point that they only choose to play abroad. However, the movie ends with a very interesting move where the hunter becomes the hunted.

Casino Royale

Casino Royale is James Bond’s hitmaker movie that will take you all you need to know about the popular Texas Hold Em Poker. It is actually a remake of the 1967 movie with the same title. Daniel Craig ( James Bond) is involved in this exciting casino game which almost coasted his life. He plays high stake games against world’s terrorist banker, Le Chiffre. The goal of Le Chiffre is to recover some huge sums of money that had been lost in a failed deal. However, Jame’s aim is to beat his rival in order to persuade him to join M16. The buy-in for the tournament is at $10 million which James loses. His banker, Vesper Lynd, refused to top up him with a re-buy fee of $5 million. Luckily, a CIA agent agrees to offer him the money at the exchange of his opponent, Le Chiffre. Of course, James won the game with a Straight Flush. This is one of the tensest scenes in casino gambling history. So, if you enjoy watching James Bond 007 movies as well as the game of Poker, Casino Royale will be the best movie for you and your buddies.

Ocean’s Eleven

Ocean’s 11 is a 2001 crime-comedy movie featuring all the three giant Brick and Mortar Las Vegas casinos, the MGM Grand, the Bellagio, and The Mirage. This remake of the classic 1960s Rat Pat movie with the same name was directed by Steven Soderberg and includes popular faces like Brad Pitt, George Clooney, Matt Damon, Don Cheadle, and Andy Gracia. There is no doubt that this film will force you to dress your favorite suite and expensive goggles and hit Las Vegas casinos. Unlike the above-mentioned movies where players win genuinely, Danny Ocean and his team are after robbing three renown casinos owned by Terry Benedict. Their calculations are perfect. According to the gambling laws of Nevada Gaming Commissions, a casino must have enough funds to cover all their player’s bets. They knew this, which is why they planned to raid on the night of the much-anticipated boxing match at Bellagio Casino. In order to execute this plan, Danny Ocean recruits a team of eight specialists.


Just as the name suggests, croupier is an exciting movie featuring Clive Owen as the croupier. Clive Owen plays Jack Manfred, an aspiring writer, who is on the hunt for a story to write about for his upcoming novel. To achieve his goals, he accepts a job offer as a croupier at the Golden Lion Casino in the UK. Unfortunately, he’s carried away by the world and casino life in general. Although he does not like the job, he is smart at doing it. He catches the attention of the regular players, Jani, who he starts seeing in his free hours. Jani is under pressure from her creditors. Due to this, she plans a heist at the casino and asks Jack to be her inside man. This puts Jack in a dilemma of whether to accept the offer or to be loyal to his employer.


The casino is a classic 1996 film directed by Martin Scorsese and starred by Robert De Niro and Joe Pesci. The reason why the movie is still a hit to this day is that its based on real-life events. It has a great appeal of high roller lifestyle and amazing scenes to keep you glued to your screen. If you are into mafia themed casino movies, this will be the best recommendation for you.