Do you feel that your home could do with a bit of a makeover? Perhaps you crave the luxe feel of a celebrity home you saw featured in Architectural Digest? Fortunately, you don’t have to be an A-Lister to be able to appreciate the finer things in life; with these helpful design tips, you can successfully revamp your home to achieve that decadent aesthetic you desire. Why not for a great fireplace at

Marble Fireplaces

Marble is the epitome of luxury; it’s glossy, reflective surface gleams with sophistication, hence why it’s such a popular choice for kitchen splashbacks and worktops. However, if you really want to utilise marble in your home, your best bet is to incorporate a stylish marble fireplace. Not only do fireplaces add an element of charm to your home, but they can also add some vintage allure to your modern décor. To get some inspiration, look online at the extensive selection of pristine fireplaces available from Marble Hill Fireplaces, or visit one of their showrooms. Having a marble fireplace will automatically make your living space feel more elegant and timeless.

Geometric Patterns

You can easily make your home look like something from a Pinterest board by including some geometric designs in your layout. Having a geometric pattern will make your living space more visually interesting, while also adding depth to your design. Geometric patterns can work for your kitchen splashback, your bathroom tiles and as a feature wall in your living room. Just don’t go too overboard, as you don’t want your patterns to clash and become overwhelming.


Mirror, mirror on the wall, whose home is the classiest of them all? The answer will be yours if you remember to include some mirrors into your décor. Mirrors with lights around them are a prime example of this. One of the expert tricks for maximising the appeal of your home is that bigger is better, and that is definitely true with mirrors. By having a large mirror in your hallway, for example, you can create a dramatic statement piece that immediately captures any visitor’s attention. Large mirrors are also great for making your living space feel larger, and don’t worry if your mirror doesn’t look vintage enough to be luxurious; simply customise it with an antique frame, and it will immediately look better!

House Plants

Adding some plant life to your home is another great way to decorate and it also purifies the air in your home. A touch of greenery will make your home feel more aesthetically pleasing, whether you opt for a trendy yucca plant, a cute cactus or some stylish succulents. Or, if you’d prefer something more colourful, you can include some flowers instead. Orchids are a good choice if you want something chic and eye-catching.


If your home seems bogged down by clutter, try to ensure that you only have your favourite ornaments on display. Sometimes, all you need is a good old move around, getting rid of items that only take up space, and keeping the ones that can be great statement pieces. The reason that minimalist home decor has become more popular in recent years is that it makes a room instantly feel more open. By de-cluttering, you can create a harmonious living area that is warm and welcoming, while also enhancing your sense of style by creating more focus on the trinkets that you have on display.