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5 Easy Methods For Boosting Bakery Sales And Attracting More Customers

If you have a bakery, it is essential to maintain a compelling customer base. Bakers face many challenges. Even though the ingredients are relatively inexpensive, the labor is rather intensive. Besides that, most baked goods have fresh shelf life for about on or two days. Therefore, it is crucial to sell baked goods as quickly as you can, otherwise all your hard work and money goes to waste. If you are struggling to attract new customers to your bakery, and need some guidance, then keep reading. Here are the best ways to amplify sale and attract more customers.

  1. Start Getting Active On Your Social Media Pages

Bakers can do especially well on image-based social media platforms like Pinterest, Snapchat, and Instagram. Your professional baked culinary delights can feature on your social media accounts, from pastries, to cupcakes, muffins, cakes, and more. Sharing pictures of your creations is a highly effective way of getting people to notice you and getting their taste buds earning to tasting your goods. Social media can also be used for sharing special promotions, the baked goods you have on offer and other services.

  1. Display Is Crucial

Since baked goods are typically photogenic, your displays are key when it comes to advertising. Be sure to install large displays in the front section of your bakery and keep loading them with attractive-looking pastries and baked goods. Cakes and pastries are both well-liked options to showcase. Be sure to check out bakery Glenelg for a broad selection of sweets and savouries.

  1. Offer Free Samples

No one says no to free stuff, especially if they have a sweet tooth. Free samples are a sure way of getting customers to show interest in your goods. This can be an excellent way of getting rid of cake or bread that is not sellable but is great tasting. For example, if your decoration has not turned out like you planned, you can carve the cake into smaller pieces and hand out to your customers. This way they can sample your menu options, and you have the opportunity to broaden your customer base.

  1. Partner With Local Coffee Shops Or Restaurants

This is an ideal opportunity to get sales and broaden the number of individuals who are familiar about your business. Some local coffee shops and restaurants do not always have their own in-house bakery and would be up for partnering with you. You can sell to them and in turn they can resell the goods with your branding. When customers get to sample your tasty delicacies and sweet treats, it can convince them to visit your bakery the next time they have a sweet craving, or need to pick up a rustic loaf to complement their homemade soup for supper.

  1. Offer Regular Promotions On Day-Old Goods

To minimize wastage and make a few more sales on food that you would otherwise be losing out on, a great way of doing so is by offering frequent promotions on those goods that are not at peak freshness, but still perfectly fine to enjoy, for instance day-old muffins or bagels.

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