What can be more relaxing than sitting around the bonfire with your friends? It’s a magical moment when you can feel the heat from the fire on your skin while staring at your crush who sips red wine from the thermos. You wouldn’t want this summer night to end fast.

To make sure you have a lot of fun with your friends, consider playing fun campfire games. Here you can find a list of the coolest games:

True Or False

If you don’t know everyone very well, play ‘True or False’. You will have to tell two fake stories and one true story that happened to you in the past. Other people should guess which is which. You might find something truly interesting about another person! Just make sure not to reveal too many secrets of yours!


The Mafia, also known as Village, Assassin, and Werewolf, is a classic group-playing game. It can make you laugh a lot, check your friends’ lying skills, and test the power of your deduction.

First of all, choose a moderator who will lead the game. A moderator distributes cards, tells players when to be awake and go to sleep, and declare the winner.

Secondly, prepare the mafia cards. You need to have two mafia cards, one detective card, a doctor card, and a bunch of townspeople.

So, feel free to exchange words with friends, cheat, make accusations, and have a lot of fun!

Never Have I Ever

If you have a few bottles of wine in the back of your car, start playing Never Have I Ever. This drinking game will definitely help to break the ice in every company of friends (try not to laugh!).

Also, it is a great chance to get to know the people around you a little bit better. Other than that, it’s actually an excellent excuse to finish your wine (or justify your drinking problem).

To play Never Have I Ever like a pro, make sure to prepare questions in advance. Become a volunteer and build questions to learn everything about your crush who is sitting on the other side of the bonfire!

There are a lot of questions that everyone will drink after. Here are some examples:

Never Have I Ever cheated on a test at school.

Never Have I Ever got drunk as an adult.

If you don’t want to rack your brain, consider downloading Never Have I Ever app, there are a lot of different categories (some will actually allow you to play this game with your parents!).

There Once Was A Skunk

This game can get very silly and make you laugh a lot! All you need is a bunch of creative people.

In the beginning, the first person says “there once was a skunk who…” and then continues the story. The next player should also continue the story, starting with the word ‘unfortunately’. The third person begins their sentences with the word ‘fortunately’.

You can create one funny story about a skunk, starting your sentences with words ‘fortunately’ and ‘unfortunately’!

Make Me Laugh

Once you are in a good mood, consider playing this classic stare down game called ‘Make Me Laugh’.

The best thing is that there are not so many rules. All you need is to make another person laugh while having a good poker face! It seems easy (right now), but let’s see how long it will take for you to crack up!

Chinese whispers

In some countries, the Chinese whispers game is known as Telephone. You should play this game after a few glasses of wine! One individual should whisper a statement or a phrase to the person on the left. Later, this sequence should continue around the circle of friends. You might end up hearing something truly amusing!


Once you are tired of sitting on the same spot, suggest your friends to play charades! One person should act out the title of TV shows, books, movies, politics, and the rest of the people need to guess what is being acted.

There is only rule: noises are not allowed in the game. All you have is your acting skills! Later you can determine who in the group deserves to get an Oscar for their acting!


Do you want to be as cool as Beyonce for the night? Well, you can become her if you play Celebrities.

First of all, write the names of famous people (musicians, actors, authors, politicians, etc.) on the cards. Then shuffle the cards in the hat and let everyone choose one without looking. Everyone needs to stick their cards to the forehead.

Every player can ask one question about their celebrity at a time. Depending on the team’s answers, everyone should guess their ‘personality’.

You can win this game if you guess your celebrity first. Consider preparing all the cards in advance.