As a business owner, it goes without saying that protecting your business will be one of your main priorities. The value of stock and equipment in a workplace can make them a prime target for thieves so no matter the size of your business. iSecure Security Services Perth explains that there are a few important security measures you should consider implementing.

These five pointers could be key to safeguarding your business:

  1. Implement an Action Plan

First of all, you should conduct a risk assessment to analyse where the risks may lie. Every business is different and the level of security you decide on will depend on the size of your operations, your budget and any specific risks you are likely come across.

You can find a number of risk assessment templates on the Health and Safety Executive website to get you started on your action plan.

  1. Install Surveillance

Surveillance cameras can be a preventative measure as intruders will be put off from damaging or stealing your property if they know they are being filmed. As a result, your property will be less likely to end up as the target of a burglary or other crime. That means you may be able to lower your insurance premiums for having an enhanced security system in place.

  1. Fit Security Lighting

In the winter months, employees often arrive and leave the office when it’s already dark so security lighting would be a good investment. It could help prevent any accidents and importantly, allow employees to feel safer on-site.

Also, like surveillance cameras, external lighting can deter intruders as it makes it difficult for them to obscure themselves from sight – they certainly won’t go unnoticed in a well-lit area.

  1. Secure All Valuable Goods

You can make sure any valuable goods are safe and secure by adding some lockable storage to your site. This may be key cabinets and lockable cupboards to store equipment, lockers for your employees’ valuables, or external bike racks for them to secure their bikes. Nisbets has an extensive range of safety storage for businesses that can benefit both you and your employees.

  1. Install an Intruder Alarm

An intruder alarm can protect your business from theft and provide peace of mind when you’re off-site. It will alert those in the vicinity of any intruders and you can even find sophisticated business alarm systems that automatically sends signals to a nominated person or straight to the police.

Implementing appropriate safety measures can help you protect your business’s assets, whether that’s equipment, employees or other valuable items. Increased security measures in your workplace can benefit everyone – it can help your employees feel safer, secure your premises and equipment, and even lower your insurance premiums.