What makes an essay or article interesting? Producing an impressive paper is a complex process that involves planning, the actual writing, and post-writing. If you are doubtful of your skills or would like to boost your performance, it is advisable to hire a professional writing service to handle the assignment.


Every writer must endeavor to produce the most interesting essay or article. An article is interesting from the title to the body and conclusion. The judgment on where it is interesting will be made based on the ‘taste’ that remains once the reader is done with your paper. An interesting paper will give you a higher mark and also enable you to communicate better with the target reader. Here are tips that will help you to produce the most captivating essay or article.

  1. Polish The Title

The first impression a reader will create about your work will come from the title. If the title makes your paper to appear interesting, readers will be curious to read. If the title does not sound interesting, they will skip your paper in search of more interesting essays or articles.

The most interesting title is one that strongly captures the subject of your paper. It must also be relevant to the area of study. For instance, if the essay or article is on political science, the title should give a clear indication that the subject matter is political science. Use words that would arouse the curiosity of a reader to dig deeper into your writing.

  1. Make A Captivating Introduction

The introduction tells the reader whether he or she should go deeper into a paper. The title compels the reader to flip through the pages, but the introduction will confirm whether the curiosity generated by the title was genuine or not. The introduction gives readers a better understanding of the issues canvassed in your writing.

A writer who understands how to produce a captivating paper will use a punch line at the introduction. It comes in the form of a story, statistics, or quote. The hook used must be relevant to the subject matter. It also helps to put your writing into a better perspective.

  1. Master The Language And Format

Use the correct language and format in your writing. A language is a tool used to communicate the ideas captured in your paper. Learn how to use words, phrases, and a writing style that befits your topic.

Use samples and examples to help you master the writing style as well as the format. Polish your language so that your ideas will flow naturally. Learn the vocabulary used in each area to emphasize and strengthen your ideas.

  1. Use The Latest Facts And Details

Every reader wants to read interesting and current ideas. It is boring and a waste of time to read through a paper capturing outdated ideas. Use the latest ideas in the industry, discoveries, and theories in the industry when writing.

Read widely about the topic or subject you are addressing. Read books by credible authors and publishers in the industry. New ideas will capture the attention of readers and raise the profile of your writing.

  1. Edit Your Paper

Do not submit any paper or article with errors. Complete the paper early before the publication or submission deadline to allow room for editing. Editing ensures that misleading errors are eliminated. It ensures that your ideas will be articulated as desired.

An interesting paper will attract a higher score and attention from the industry. A paper is only interesting if you can sustain the attention of the reader from the title to the conclusion. It requires conscious effort from planning to actual drafting and editing.