No surprises here, Christmas 2020 will be all about socially distant experiences, but that does not mean that it needs to be any less magical. You can still wander out your mind to buy some travel-friendly gifts for the little monsters at home. 

The pandemic will not stop Santa himself from pulling out all the stops to make sure he spreads festive cheer to as many families as possible this year. While the season may not be as festive and social as always but it can certainly be happening. 

Sure, your child likes a sweet bouquet or two, but nothing quite like experimenting with gifting options with some travel-friendly gifts!

 We bring you some exciting gifting options this Christmas that will earn you the name of Santa among your children.

  1. Adventure storybooks

Reading habits are always fruitful for people, no matter their age. A person can never have enough books! Books are always safe gifting options to give children. It keeps them engaged, kindles their imagination, and also makes them happy. You might have early readers in our house so they are discovering books to read and to share anecdotes with us from it. Reading is always more fun when we are sharing stories with our friends making them even more exciting. So when you have little children visiting you this Christmas, give them some to keep them occupied travelling back home and make their journey memorable.

  1. Memorable Experiences

Your life is nothing but the sum of memories and experiences you encounter every day. Money cannot buy happiness, but it can surely buy experiences. Everyone likes a vacation, a visit to the zoo or a day by the beach. 

Why not hand out gifts in the form of experiences itself? Imagine your children enjoying a Santa Claus storytelling session or theatre tickets or even a kid’s concert. These are among the most unique and imaginative gifts that can give your kid the memories they’ll cherish forever. 

  1. Wall arts for the creative ones

Paintings and pictures always add flavour to rooms. Nearly every room in our house has memories or souvenirs from our travels. It can be ranging from magnets from different destinations in the kitchen, candid framed holiday pictures in the hall, pictures and photo books in the lounge, or a huge pin map in your office.

Kids love looking at old photos and finding out about historical events. We recommend decorating your house with pictures of your child or holiday pictures in their rooms so that they are refreshed every time they walk past it. Such gifts are permanent and also very cost-effective. in the long run!

  1. Headphones for the music aficionado

Children develop a taste for music at a very young age and enjoy dancing to them. That being said, some enjoy it a lot more than the others. Gifting them a headphone is always a safe way to go for any occasion. If you are wondering how to keep your children entertained, then keeping them present is nothing more effective than keeping them occupied with headphones.

  1. A Travel journal for the writer kids

Travelling ignites our minds and opens avenues for a lot of running thoughts and feelings. Apart from pictures and memorabilia, one of the best ways to relive experiences is to write about them. There is nothing more treasured than your thoughts, and writing them down to keep them with you for a lifetime. 


Travelling has slowly resumed back to normal, and there will always be those bunch of adventurous children and cousins whose excitement never dies. In the quest of maintaining your social status and celebrating Christmas, people tend to forget about children. But on the contrary, the joy of the festival lies in the joy of the children. 

Make your child’s life a lot more happening by gifting them the most creative gift that stays with them. Let us know if these options made them happy.