Your home can be defined by a lot of things, especially its character. A living space exhibits a certain kind of vibe based on the kind of things you place within it. The home decor, furniture, style and theme that go around the entire house play a crucial role in setting the tone for your living space. The last thing you want to do is step back from repurposing something old in a unique way of doing that funky DIY project you’ve been dreaming about. So, keep reading the article to know five ways you can reuse old home decor and furniture effectively around your home. 

Something new for the bathroom

Are you looking to add a new vanity to your washroom? Don’t fret! If you have an old and used dresser or table that you find to be too good to throw away but don’t wish to keep in your room, you could shift it to your washroom or a powder room. Since you are reusing the table, it would be ideal for putting on a few coats of paint over it and perhaps, some painted design. If it is a good-quality wooden table, you could get it polished. Install a mirror on it and some lights around, and there you will have your personal vanity just how you envisioned it. 

Something for your living room

Think your couch looks ratty? Have you used it too often and are getting bored with it? 

Instead of changing the entire couch and the decor in the setting, make small changes such as using some replacement conservatory furniture cushions. You could choose contrasting coloured fabrics and textures to give your couch the pop of colour it needs. This would change the entire appeal of the same space instantly. It would also save you quite a bit of dough since conservatory furniture and accessories are relatively cheaper.

Additionally, instead of changing your side table, you could reuse an old stool. Use a broad wooden stood, and top it off with a trendy piece of fabric – it will add a lot of character to the seating area.

Something for better storage

If you happen to have a ladder lying around which you don’t use often, you could reuse it as a bookshelf. A round of polish or paint to elevate its look would help make it pleasing to the eyes. Just place it anywhere you wish to store your books, use some nails to fix it in place so that it doesn’t fold over in case it gets knocked over, and you’re set to store your books or other knick-knacks on it.

You could use your DIY skills to test with this project. A bed, ideally a bunk bed, can be repurposed as a patio table easily. You could have to trim off the excess wood and smoothen out certain areas. By adding a coat of paint, you can make it a great addition to your patio. 

Something for decor around the house

Several things can be repurposed and reused to make home decor. 

You can use old, broken mugs as tiny pots for plants to keep on your tables around the house. It is an easy way to add some colour to your space while adding a touch of greenery to bring you peace. You can use old glass bottles for multiple decor options such as light fixtures and ‘festive’ lights.  

Something with memories

Have some fabrics that you just can’t let go of because they are too special to you, like that special date shirt or your favourite hand-me-down? You can make a memory blanket using those fabrics for yourself. The fabric could also be used as wall art to put up in your living space. If you have special pictures, they might go well with these wall art projects. 

Breathe life into your space and display your personality in the best way possible by simply reusing things to make some fabulous home decor for your home.