Valentine’s Day can be a minefield when it comes to gift-giving. You want to get something to show your loved one how you feel, but a gift that’s too expensive or flashy might be misconstrued – especially in the early stages of a relationship. Here are some Valentine’s gifts that are safe bets for 2020.

  1. A gift experience

If your partner is very picky about their clothing or homeware, then it’s usually a safer bet to buy experiences rather than things. A gift experience may sound like a bit of a cop-out, but it can be very romantic. You’re showing your partner that you want to spend time together and creating memories that you will share. There are plenty of gift experiences for couples available to suit different styles, from indulgent dinners to adrenaline-fuelled sports, so all you have to do is choose something you think they’ll love.

  1. Something personalised

If you want to show you’ve put thought into a gift, not just bought it at the last minute, then having something personalised is a good way to do so. It usually takes an extra few days for delivery, so your loved one will be sure you haven’t been panic buying from Amazon Prime. From jars of marmite to boxer shorts, all kinds of items can be personalised with your own romantic message or even a photo of the two of you.

  1. Jewellery

Why mess with the classics? If you’ve been dating someone for a while and think you know their style, then jewellery can be a lovely, sentimental gift. F Jewellery has looks for men and women in many different styles, and your best bet is to look at the jewellery they already own, then aim for something similar. For example, if they always wear delicate gold necklaces and bracelets, look for rings that are also subtle and elegant.

  1. Plants

Flowers die after a week, and their inflated price means that you don’t get much for your money around Valentine’s Day. Show your commitment to your partner by raising a plant together. Plants are on trend in homes at the moment and are ideal gifts for those who are eco-conscious or who love nature.

  1. Something made locally

Another great gift for those who are concerned about the environment or who prefer to shop locally is something made in your area. Why buy something that has been made in another country and sold in a chain store? Check out some ideas for eco-friendly gifts and then find a local retailer, so you can avoid items that have been shipped across the world.

  1. A homecooked meal

If you still can’t find something to suit your partner, then consider simply heading to the kitchen for Valentine’s Day instead. It’s a lot more thoughtful than paying for dinner out, nicer than a takeaway, and you can avoid the crowds that fill every restaurant on Earth on February 14th. You don’t even need a lot of skill. It’s the thought that counts, after all.