New York is one of the most populated parts of the United States, making driving in this city hectic and overwhelming. It requires special skills to navigate your way through the New York streets, and car accidents are common problems even at the best of times.

Anytime a person gets inside an automobile, they put their lives at risk of being the victim of an accident. Whilst avoiding driving is impossible for many people, looking at circumstances that cause accidents in New York can help in finding solutions to the growing problems. Here are seven common causes of accidents in New York City.

  1. Driver Impairment

When a driver is impaired, it means that they are unable to operate a vehicle because of a compromised physical disposition. One can become impaired by drinking alcohol, taking drugs, not having enough sleep, or taking prescribed medications that cause drowsiness.

The result of being in an impaired condition can include swerving, sleeping on the wheel and confusion. One is unable to focus when impaired which increases the risks of accidents. Impaired drivers are one of the reasons why it is important to familiarize yourself with car accident lawyers in New York, just in case you are in an accident that requires compensation.

  1. Inattentive Driving

The New York roads are constantly congested, meaning you has to be as attentive as possible when navigating these. Inattentive driving can be explained as driving without taking into consideration one’s environment and road rules. Examples of this are speeding, turning into the incorrect lanes, driving slower than required, and a blatant disregard of any rules that are meant to be adhered to at all times. You need to care for yourself, those around you, and the vehicle that you are driving by being attentive at all times.

  1. Rushed Driving

New York is a place where people are constantly in a rush and occupied, hence the term ‘the city that never sleeps.’ There don’t seem to be enough hours in the day for people to finish all the mandates and requirements that are packed into the day. This can lead to rushed driving which is a common cause of accidents. Rushed driving means ignoring a traffic instruction by trying to beat a yellow light, or going through a red light. Rushed driving can also mean that not checking your blind spot, thus leading to an accident with a pedestrian or cyclist.

  1. Technology

Your car can easily be a technology hub with a phone, navigation screens, television screens, a radio, and wi-fi devices. Although these gadgets are convenient, they can also be causes of accidents because of the distraction that these bring. It only takes a couple of seconds to cause an accident by looking away from the road to answer your phone or change the radio channel.

  1. Poor Road Maintenance

New York’s roads are characterized by potholes, missing road signs, and. in some areas, poor lighting. These factors can cause accidents regardless of how careful a driver is, particularly if the driver is not familiar with the road. Those who regularly use the poorly maintained roads become familiar and expectant of the areas they may have to swerve. However, the motion of swerving on its own can cause accidents regardless of whether one is familiar with the poorly maintained road or not. You can file a personal injury case against the city if you are involved in an accident caused by poor maintenance. This requires legal expertise for the best possible compensation outcome.

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  1. Poor Weather

The snow is beautiful to admire through the window, but it’s less enjoyable when you have to drive in it. Snow is a big contributing factor for car accidents in New York. Cars run a risk of sliding off the road as the snow thaws, causing a ripple-effect accident. Drivers can also find it difficult to maneuver a vehicle through a thick blanket of snow, which can lead to accidents caused by sudden halts. It is important to listen out for local road announcements when experiencing such weather so that you can avoid driving on dangerous roads during that period.

  1. Faulty Vehicles

There are cases that have been lodged by New Yorkers claiming compensation from different car manufacturers, retailers, and distributors who would have sold faulty vehicles. A driver is bound to be involved in an accident if brakes are faulty, the engine malfunctions, or the steering system in unsynchronised for example. It is important to purchase cars from professional and recommended retailers to avoid having to file for personal injury compensation as a result of an accident.


There are different common causes of accidents in New York and it’s important to become familiar with car accident attorneys based in the city who can assist you when involved in a car accident. Common causes include impaired, inattentive and rushed driving, as well as technological distractions, poor road maintenance, weather and faulty vehicles.

Knowledgeable legal experts can help you get the compensation you deserve for getting involved in car accidents.