It is no less than a dream for everyone to have clear skin and even be able to maintain it the same way. Uneven tone and acne are some of the most common skin problems people tend to face. Having clear skin gives an insane level of confidence to one’s personality, which is the primary reason everyone longs for such skin. But in their quest to get clear skin, what people forget is that everyone’s skin is different, and so will be the ways to get clear skin.

Here Are Seven Tips to Work Your Way Towards A Clear Skin Fast:

  • Never Pop the Pimples

One of the biggest blunders people do is popping their pimples. Never do that. Pimples indicate that there is oil trapped with sebum and bacteria in the skin. They are even a sign of the body’s natural healing mechanism working, implying that bursting the pimple disrupts the healing process of skin and body. Also, note that the liquids released from pimple bursting end up exposing the surrounding skin to that similar bacteria. This increases the risk of additional pimples forming in those areas. What’s worse is that the popped pimple can lead to scars as well, thereby taking you further away from the dream of clean skin.

  • Avoid Skipping the Moisturiser

While those with normal or dry skin make it a point to include a moisturiser in their skincare routine, those with oily skin often tend to stay away from morning moisturiser. That is wrong. Drying out your skin in the absence of moisturiser can indeed make your acne worse. Hence, it is crucial to choose and use the right moisturiser as per your skin type so that it actually helps your skin stay healthy. Choose from a wide range of moisturisers and skincare products from websites like

  • Always Wear Sunscreen

Another vital tip is to always wear sunscreen. Use the one that suits your skin, and has the right SPF as per your requirement, and lasts long enough as per your skin’s sun exposure. Never forget that the sun’s ultraviolet (UV) rays can definitely damage the skin. Applying the right sunscreen will help you avoid skin damages caused by the UV rays of the sun. Check through the SPF mentioned on the sunscreen’s bottle before buying and choose one according to your sun exposure.

  • Avoid Hot Water

Whether you are bathing or just washing your hands and face, never do so with hot water, especially for your face’s skin. Hot water can dry out and damage the skin, especially if done repeatedly. Hot water is always a big no for your face; at most, if required, use a bit of lukewarm water, or at best, use cold or normal water for washing the face.

  • Always Stay Hydrated

Water is your skin’s best friend. Each and every cell in the body needs water, even more in the case of skin cells, as they are closest to the environment. Ensuring to drink adequate water throughout the day will definitely help in keeping the skin cells healthy and promote clear skin.

  • Eat A Healthy Diet

Your diet also plays a key role in guiding your skin’s health. Eating a healthy diet rich in all the required nutrients is vital for the body as a whole and even for the skin. A diet rich in numerous plant foods, as well as lean protein sources, can assist in providing the necessary nutrients required by the skin that needs to stay healthy. Try cutting out troublesome foods such as dairy milk and oily dishes, as these tend to more often hinder your path to clear skin.

  • Take Up Lifestyle Changes

Some lifestyle changes, such as getting proper sleep, avoiding smoking, avoiding excess sugar intake, fried foods, and reducing stress, are believed to contribute towards healthy and clear skin and keep the hormones balanced. Stress and acne have been interlinked for many decades, depicting that stress can increase the inflammatory compounds in the body, hence leading to acne breakout. Make sure to exercise regularly, engage in calming activities like yoga and meditation, and get massage acupuncture whenever needed.

We hope that the above-mentioned tips will help you maintain clear and healthy skin and feel great about it.