Superglue is one of the unsung heroes of the home. It is able to be applied on a range of materials and with a little thought, you can find uses for it that will make life run more harmoniously. From first aid to DIY to saving your favourite piece of furniture, this post will show you why you need to keep this product in your home and when to use it.

1 Superglue for Clothes Repair

Some clothes such as boots and jackets don’t take kindly to a needle and thread. In fact, if you’re favourite clothes have suffered a tear, or the sole is falling off your shoe, a good quality PVC superglue could keep them in the game that little bit longer, saving you cash in the long run.

Apply sparingly and let it work its magic.

2 Fix a Garden Hose

Garden hoses do spring leaks whether through daily use or an accident happens, and the hose is punctured. A good glue can save the day and your wallet by applying a quick repair. With your trusty hose back in action, you can make sure your geraniums get all the water they need.

3 Fix Handles

Handles on every tool you can think of often work loose. This can make tools like screwdrivers useless. Apply a good adhesive and keep your garden rakes, brooms, frying pans and the like useable for longer. You’d be amazed at how well handles can be held together.

4 Repair Upholstery

Rips in furniture cost. Not only do you lose some of the comfiness but you might have to replace your favourite sofa which often involves a big outlay. It is brilliant for repairing upholstery, and it does it discreetly. The chances are you might notice the repair but not anybody else.

Superglue is handy to keep around for DIY and to do repairs in other rooms such as the bathroom.

5 Woodwork

Glues can be brilliant for woodwork, especially if you are trying to fasten wood to another object. Simply use the glue to hold the wood in place. It will act as a third hand, and you will do a better job. Not only that but you won’t swear so much, and you’ll find you finish the job sooner.

6 Fix Accessories

From repairing sunglasses to handbag handles superglue extends the life of your favourite accessory. It is not just a pain when your favourite fashion accessory bites the dust, but it can be very disappointing. Dare I say it, heartbreaking. Let a good adhesive mend your accessory and indeed your broken heart!

7 Camping

Superglue is handy to keep in your car as well as your home, and on is almost invaluable on camping trips. Thanks to its composition you can use it to repair the tent you’re sleeping in, sleeping bags, tent chord, and a whole range of things you don’t want to break while on a trip.

Superglue is forecasted to grow in sales, and it is easy to see why when you look at this list. Keep it in your home as you’ll never know when you might need it.