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Are you psychic? All your life, you may have been told that the dreams and sensations you experience are just your imagination. Despite this, there may have been times in your life when you felt you had access to knowledge that you could not explain. Can you trust this knowledge? The tips below may help you better understand your psychic abilities and how to use them.

Heightened Sensitivity

No one characteristic can guarantee that you are a psychic, and there are various conditions that can lead to being easily overstimulated that do not mean that a person is psychic. However, if you frequently find yourself distracted by knowing details about strangers on sight or getting a strong sense about places that you visit, you may have psychic abilities. You might be tempted to try to suppress this sensitivity, but you should lean into it instead.

Pay Attention to Your Gut Feelings

Some people with psychic abilities may simply refer to those abilities as “intuition,” and they may believe that accurately describes those abilities. Whatever you call it, try to pay attention to your gut feelings about things and develop your intuition. This can mean sitting quietly in an almost meditative state and letting your senses and emotions about a situation flow through you. To ensure that you can trust your psychic abilities, be sure that you are not substituting wishful thinking for intuition.

Practice Scanning

Another way to develop and trust your psychic abilities is by doing scans in a room. Look around and think about what the various parts of the room evoke for you. Note what kind of energy you feel and what spaces in the room feel the most inviting and the most forbidding to you. Doing this regularly can help you become more sensitive to your surroundings and in a more accurate way as a matter of routine.

Let Your Unconscious Do the Talking

You need to let your conscious mind do most of the work of day to day living for you, but it can also be a bit of a bully. You may need to give your unconscious some encouragement. Let yourself daydream, and try not to judge what comes to you. Keep a dream journal next to your bed so you can record your dreams the moment you wake. This can help you get more in touch with psychic sensations.

Play Games

You can play games on your own to test or develop your own psychic ability. Turn on a radio, and try to guess what the next song will be. On your own or with a friend, you can try to guess what is next in a deck of cards. Working with colors can also be helpful because each color has its own vibration. You might want to get a set of ribbons of various colors and sit and meditate on them to get a stronger sense of what they mean.

Keep Records

Confirmation bias refers to the phenomenon in which you remember only the evidence that supports the idea you already have. Writing down your predictions or other psychic experiences gives you a record you can check for accuracy. However, keep in mind that even if your accuracy seems low, it might not mean that you can’t trust your psychic ability. Instead, it may be an indication that you need to get better at interpreting what you are sensing.

Talk to Other Psychics

Try to connect with other people who also have psychic abilities. If you don’t know any psychics, read what some of them have to say, and see if you can get recordings so you can watch them in interviews or in action. Not everyone who claims to be a psychic is honest, but you will learn even from watching the dishonest ones. This exercise will help you better hone your instincts about people as well. Spending some time on a site where there are trusted psychics Australia can help you learn more as well. As you get to know other psychics, you may be able to get advice from them on managing your own abilities.

Psychic ability is simply another kind of energy. The key to trusting your psychic ability is practice, just like any other skill. Over time, by using the above techniques, you can hone and develop your skills and sensitivity to help yourself and others with your gift