There’s nothing more exciting than heading out for an international adventure. Serious vape enthusiasts should know that some countries are friendlier than others when it comes to vaping, though. Try to research the laws before deciding where to take that next vacation. This article will make it easy to get started by introducing seven vape-friendly countries that have everything to offer to international tourists who can’t stand the thought of leaving their vape pens at home.

  1. England

England is a very vape-friendly country. Residents and guests alike can enjoy vape sessions pretty much wherever they want, from the sidewalks of London to quaint, small-town restaurants and bars. England is also home to many of the world’s most popular e-liquid brands and countless vaping stores. Travelers can learn about them in advance by checking out IndeJuice.

Part of the reason England has become a go-to destination for tourists who love to vape is that the government has embraced it as a means of public health intervention for smokers. The decision to support vaping as a public health intervention was based primarily on a study performed by the National Health Service of England that revealed how much of a difference switching to vape pens makes to smokers’ health. The researchers behind the study found that vaping is 95% less harmful to consumers’ health than other popular tobacco products like cigarettes.

  1. Germany

Germany has similar laws governing vaping products to those found in the United States. Consumers can only purchase vape pens and e-liquids if they are at least 18 years of age, but adults are welcome to use those products in most public spaces. It’s not uncommon to see locals and tourists, alike, walking down the street using their vape pens in this beautiful, historic nation and visitors don’t have to worry about legal consequences for choosing to partake.

  1. Sweden

Sweden’s government has been more relaxed than most about regulating vaping since the very beginning. As with England, the government has followed the advice of scientists who tout vaping as a more health-conscious alternative to smoking traditional cigarettes. Visitors can enjoy a satisfying vape session after a favored meal of traditional Swedish food or use their mods on public sidewalks while they are on the way to check out the local sights with no worries.

Another thing that sets Sweden apart from even many other vape-friendly countries is its lax regulations on transporting vaping products. When traveling to Sweden, visitors can bring their own vape pens or mods and favored e-liquids along with them no matter how they choose to get there. They don’t even have to worry about customs officers throwing their supplies in the trash if they choose to arrive by air.

  1. Russia

Russia makes many international travelers’ bucket lists, and with good reason. Its rich religious, literary, and cultural history is on display in just about every town. Thankfully, Russia is also famous for embracing both smoking and vaping.

Smoking tobacco has always been an important part of Russian culture, so it should come as no surprise that many Russians also fell in love with vaping early on in its global rise to popularity. Today, the federal government remains open-minded about vaping and both Russians and tourists are welcome to vape freely both in public and inside of businesses. There aren’t as many vape shops in Russia as there are in England and other Western countries that have embraced the trend, but more of them are popping up every day.

  1. Bulgaria

This Balkan nation has become a safe haven for vape enthusiasts. The Bulgarian government has maintained a progressive stance on vaping that includes few restrictions on buying, selling, and using vape pens, mods, and e-liquids. It’s fine to vape just about anywhere in Bulgaria, from the coastline of the Black Sea to the nation’s most populous cities.

  1. New Zealand

New Zealand is world-renowned for its beautiful scenery and quaint towns. Now, it’s also become a popular destination for tourists who love to vape. The government supports vaping and it’s common to find restaurants, stores, and other establishments that allow vaping indoors.

English speakers will find that a vacation to New Zealand offers the perfect mix of exoticism and convenience since locals speak the same language. Nature lovers will enjoy the nation’s lush forests and expansive green spaces, and film buffs can visit popular filming locations from Lord of the Rings, Narnia, King Kong, and other famous films. The end result will be a trip that visitors will remember for the rest of their lives.

  1. Canada

Canada has strict laws on smoking and other conventional tobacco products and the government takes a heavy hand when it comes to taxing them. Vaping is an entirely different story, though. Canadians and tourists are welcome to vape freely whether they’re visiting one of this Northern country’s lively cities or relaxing in the country. Visitors should exercise caution when it comes to buying vape pens and e-liquids in Canada, though, because the industry isn’t regulated. It’s better to order products online from reputable vendors.

Countries to Avoid

If the thought of leaving that vape pen at home is apt to ruin an otherwise pleasant vacation, there are also a few countries it’s best to avoid. Vaping is banned in many Asian countries, including Cambodia, Thailand, Singapore, and Vietnam, and those caught partaking can be arrested. Many African countries and some Eastern European nations also have surprisingly strict tobacco and vaping laws. Avoid Egypt, Lebanon, and Turkey if the thought of going without is unappealing.

The Bottom Line

There’s no need for vape enthusiasts to resign themselves to leaving their favorite vape pens or mods at home when they travel abroad. Local laws and customs in many countries are perfectly accepting of this growing trend. The list above isn’t comprehensive, so those who want to check out other areas of the world will have to do their own research about local laws and customs if they want to avoid legal problems.