This year, the sporting world has been rocked by the COVID-19 crisis. Like many other industries, sport has had to take a backseat as the world tries to find a catch-all solution to a deeply complex problem. Naturally, though, sport is slowly but surely returning to our TVs and this has left fans wondering what is left on the box to actually watch. If you want to make some smart calls this year, then we recommend that you take a look at a guide to what cricket to watch this summer. This is ideal for all cricket betting fans.

Test Series

As ever, England has enjoyed some interesting test series events across the summer, playing against the West Indies. We’ve seen some great games coming out from this, and we can also expect to see more games arriving on the schedule or England and for other major cricket nations.

Other tours are expected in the near future, as well, with various test series events being planned out now that the COVID-19 crisis has calmed down in some parts of the world.

One-Off T20s

We are seeing quite a lot of One-Off tournament and T20 events taking place at the moment. In later August we have the return of some very interesting match-ups. Fans can look forward to relative cricket minnows Luxembourg and the Czech Republic playing out a tough, hard-fought match-up.

We’ll also have traditional powerhouses England and Pakistan facing off against one another. T20s are a vital part of the summer cricket calendar, giving teams great ways to continue entertaining.

World T20s

Later on in the year, we also have the return of the World T20s events. These are always great to watch, with major teams facing off against a variety of other sides. We might see teams lower down the pecking order such as Scotland taking on some major names Sri Lanka. This helps to create a really exciting T20 event that sees teams from all over the world facing off against one another in some very exciting cricket matches.


We’ve also got some One Day Internationals to come, which should be quite interesting. These should be held depending on how teams can travel, though, with some parts of the world still coming out of the lockdown and therefore potentially unable to take place. For now, though, the summer cricket calendar has a fair amount of options for players to choose from.

Ladies cricket

Keep in mind, too, that the ladies cricket will be starting up again this summer. With lower funding than their male counterparts, many associations have struggled to get a consistent calendar back up following the COVID-19 outbreak. However, we can expect some ODIs and T20 events to come up, with both India and England likely to come up against one another at one stage during the summer or autumn months.

The 2020 schedule may have been thrown into turmoil, but it looks like we might get to enjoy some late-summer cricket after all!