A company is committing to a year of donations for a South Tyneside charity that helps hundreds of causes in the local area.

The Green Energy Advice Bureau, which specialises in fully managed end-to-end bespoke energy consultancy will partake in numerous events with the full raised total going to Community Corner.

The staff-organized events set to take place over the coming year will include a leg wax, a bake-off competition and various other activities set to be announced.

Community Corner, founded in 2014, has helped numerous causes in South Tyneside, ranging from raising money for vital medical treatment to life-changing equipment such as wheelchairs, and buying equipment needed by schools, community groups and organisations.

The community interest company recently received deserved recognition for their work, winning the Pride of the North East TSB Community Partner Award earlier this year.

Community Corner co-founder Cheryl McDonald was delighted with the support, remarking: “We are absolutely thrilled, it’s rare that a company comes to us with such levels of support. It’s a close-knit community and knowing these funds will put to good use in South Tyneside is brilliant.”

Paul Cobb, Green Energy Advice Bureau Managing Director, commented: “Here at The Green Energy Advice Bureau helping the local community is a key focus. After hearing about the fantastic work that Cheryl and Lynne do at Community Corner committing to a year of donations was the least we could do.”

“We have a few exciting events planned which we hope will raise lots of money, we also urge everyone to help Community Corner in any way they can.”

Established in 2015, The Green Energy Advice Bureau is a regional success story with sales estimated to reach £9 million in its third financial year.

The award-winning energy consultancy regularly partakes in charitable activities, supporting the TSA and Salvation Army in the past.