Keeping accounts up to date and ensuring their accuracy is a big problem for many small businesses. This is particularly true for newer businesses that don’t yet have the funds to hire accounting staff or pay for occasional outside professional help to keep records straight.

While a variety of accounting software has been available for years, this has generally catered to trained bookkeepers and accountants rather than novice business owners. Luckily, today’s accounting apps have put a focus on usability for complete newbies, making small business accounting easier than ever before.

All Your Accounting Records in One Place

Accounting apps let you manage your invoices, expenses, payroll and taxes in one convenient interface. Integrate your chosen app with your point of sale software and your bank for real time updates, and set your system to issue reminders for late payments.

Overview screens show you a snapshot of your financial situation allowing you to make decisions fast without needing to wade through tons of paperwork first.

Additional tools in your app give you the ability to track inventory and generate a number of business reports, including cash flow, profit and loss, and balance sheet reports.

Cost Effective

Accounting apps exist for all budgets. Most offer an extensive free trial so that you can take the system for a test drive before you commit. Some solutions even offer a free tier, which is perfect if your business needs are simple.

Before you decide which system to go with, make sure that the provider gives you cloud access. This will enable you to access your accounts from anywhere and, crucially, to have all of your data continually backed up, eliminating the worry of losing your records to a computer crash.

Because you’ll need a cloud based service, it’s important to check out the provider and satisfy yourself over their data protection guarantees.

Choose Sage the Industry Leader

You’ll find no shortage of accounting apps if you run a quick search on Google, but for a robust accounting suite from a company with many years in the industry, you can’t do better than Sage.

In addition to online tutorials that will let you get started quickly, Sage offers a benefit that most of its competitors don’t. When you use Sage, you’ll have no trouble finding a convenient Sage training event like the ones offered in Bristol, Birmingham and Wales by JDH Training.

Choose to attend a session yourself or book training for a staff member. Courses cover basics for business owners, as well as more in-depth training leading to certification.

As Sage has been an industry leader for a long time, your accountant will more than likely be familiar with the system and you can give them access when it’s time to prepare your tax returns.

Today’s generation of accounting apps make keeping your business finances in good shape easier than ever. The best apps are intuitive to use for small businesses, yet packed with advanced features that you’ll need to make use of as your business grows. Take advantage of free trial offers to find the app that suits your needs and then say goodbye to messy paper accounts systems and cluttered spreadsheets for good.