Advertising agencies, like other businesses, continue to adapt during this crisis brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic. This health issue has affected many aspects of our lives, and each of us tries to learn how to work our way around the new normal. 

All over the world, ad agencies are looking for the best new ways on how to advertise and market products and services. The challenge is how to do it sensitively, but at the same time, it would still be effective in getting clients. Advertising agencies in Manchester and other cities have found ways on how to advertise amidst the COVID-19 crisis. Let’s check them out!

Continue Being Authentic

One of the things that customers love is the authenticity of the brand. Being authentic has always allowed companies to build stronger connections with their clients. Brands that want to stand out during this time are those that can continue being true to their values. 

Customers want to know the companies that they are patronising. Brands can communicate what their values are through their ad messages. If you want your company to be truly unique at this time, then review the values that your brand stands for. You may then weave the message around those values. 

Your brand doesn’t have to be something that it’s not. What consumers would want to see from their favourite brands is that it remains true to its identity. So, don’t worry about fads or what’s fashionable in terms of marketing. What’s important is for your brand to stick to what it is about.

Review You Marketing Message

It’s also crucial that you take the time to review your marketing message regularly. Along with that, observe what the demands of the market are, especially at this time. So many brands are already making the needed changes to make their marketing message relevant today. 

Some car companies have paused their planned ads and created new ones about payment relief programs because of the COVID-19 crisis. This move reminded the brands’ customers that the companies are responding to this problem and that it has the customers’ best interest at heart. You can also check your ads by asking yourself the following questions:

  • Are the ads created professionally and are well-designed?
  • Do the ads express what your company is doing for your customers at this time?
  • Do they share how the brand is helping the communities that have been affected?
  • And do they continue to provide relevant information regarding your company’s services,  health, safety, and prevention of the spread of the COVID-19 disease?

Look Into the Media Channels Customers Use

Since many people are now staying at home to prevent the spread of the virus, there’s been an increase in the number of people going online. Because of this, there have been changes in consumer behaviour. Many are buying goods online since going out to public places has been discouraged. There’s plenty of opportunities for businesses here. 

So, look into the social media platforms that your customers are using more often. You may then decide which of those platforms you will choose to publish your ads. Of course, having an advertising agency will make this easier because they will perform the analysis necessary to make the right decisions. That’s one of the advantages of hiring advertising agencies. 

Be Sensitive About the Information You Share

You don’t have to restrict all of your ad placements because you don’t want to look like you’re taking advantage of the crisis. For example, you can still choose to have advertisements appear along with COVID-19 related content. You just have to make sure that it is placed in such a way that it can still connect with the audience. 

Keep in mind that your customers will be able to detect if you’re simply exploiting the situation so you can promote your brand. That’s why it’s important to go back to the first tip, which is to remain authentic. Be true to what your brand stands for and continue to share that message. Try not to sensationalise information just so you can get the attention of your audience. 

When Unsure, Talk to Advertising Experts

In today’s time, there are so many uncertainties. That’s why you shouldn’t hesitate to ask questions or ask for help whenever you are unsure of things, especially in advertising and marketing. For example, if you’re in Manchester, a simple search on “creative agency Manchester” can get you a lot of results. 

You can look into the top 10 advertising agencies in your area so you can schedule a time for a meeting and talk about how your brand can continue to thrive even during a crisis. The best advertising agencies usually give a free consult so go ahead and take full advantage of that. It’s a way for you to assess which agency you’d want to work with. 

Final Thoughts

You may choose to work with the largest advertising agencies, or you can also decide on hiring a boutique creative agency. Whatever your decision may be, make sure that you are clear about your company values so that your brand can continue to be authentic. 

Hopefully, you can use these tips on advertising and marketing at this time of the COVID-19 crisis. Remember that the world is continually changing, and it’s a must to be able to adapt to these changes if you want your business to keep on thriving amidst all challenges.