You might have heard about the next big spider man movie that is coming up in production, the one featuring all three spider men from the past, including Toby Maguire of course (our favorite Spiderman) or you would have heard about how dark themed the new Batman movie is that features Robert Pattinson and how his version of the caped crusader is a lot different than the Christopher Nolan and Christian Bale edition. These are mostly just floated words in the air that have little to no meaning, we will only get to see what Marvel and DC have up their sleeves once these movies hit the cinemas and hopefully all of us fan boys and fan girls will get to see our favorite masked men on the big screen in a crowded cinema as the world looks in awe of the new corona virus vaccination process which has begun in a gradual yet slow manner.

Coming back to the main point, getting the word about a really good internet plan and scheme is not something for everyone and not something that everyone can get a piece of. If you do have an affordable working internet plan, then we are glad to hear about it but if you are in need or are in the market looking for an amazing deal, filled with discounts or even just a great opportunity, then you have come to the right place. We have carefully studied each of the major internet service providers in the United States and we have found out that none rival Spectrum Internet services no contract and no data cap facilities. Apart from that the Spectrum Internet standard package is pretty much one of the most affordable internet plans out there. To check out more of Spectrum Internet, you should go and visit charter spectrum customer servicer so that you may see if anything attracts you. We almost forgot to tell you that Spectrum has indeed boosted its customer service and customer service standards over the past few months so the company is clearly on the rise, being part of its rise to the top is however totally up to you.

All You Need To Know About Budgeting And Affordability

Think about it, what is the one single commodity that everyone wishes that they had a never ending supply of? Is it a high speed internet connection? Is it an internet plan that has no data cap or limit to the extent of data that could be downloaded? Both of these things are important and we all crave for these things to be present in our lives but, are these commodities really the most important factor in our lives, absolutely not.

Considering what the current scenario is of the economy, not just in the United States, rather all around the globe. Every household and every individual must strive towards finding an affordable and sustainable lifestyle. To do this or in order to find the right blend of things, we need to be able to do our own budgeting as individuals and house members, through a proper budgeting system an individual may be able to enjoy little aspects of everything that the individual and their household want.

Affordability has to do with balancing your needs, wants and money in your pocket. Let’s be honest, an average American cannot make rent in a posh area, have a gigabit internet connection, study in private schools & colleges, have food away from his own kitchen every day. That is simply not what the American lifestyle is about. The American lifestyle is all about being able to work hard and achieve your goals and sometimes one must learn to balance their checks. That is what affordability is, knowing the difference between, “I Need To Have That” and “I Can Do With Out It For Now”.

Comparing The Cheapest Internet Service Provider

Internet Service Provider Starting Prices Maximum Download Speeds Type Of Connection
AT&T Internet $35.00 per month 100 Mbps DSL
Spectrum Internet $49.99 per month 100 Mbps Cable
CenturyLink Internet $49.00 per month 100 Mbps Cable
Verizon FiOS Internet $39.99 per month 100 Mbps Fiber Optic


AT&T Internet

A renowned service provider across the globe, brings you 100 Mbps for just $35.00 per month. If you live in an area that has the AT&T fiber optic connection available, then you can simply just get the Internet 300 plan which of course offers 300 Mbps for only $35.00 a month.

Spectrum Internet

A no contract and no data cap believing internet service provider, Spectrum Internet is the companies most affordable package. Spectrum even offers free equipment that other service will ask $10.00 per month.

CenturyLink Internet

The best quality about CenturyLink is that they offer a Price For Life plan, this means this means that there will be absolutely no price hikes and you will be paying the same price for months on end and a 100 Mbps just for $49.00 a month does not seem all that bad.

Verizon FiOS Internet

The only pure fiber optic plan on our list of the cheapest internet plans. The Verizon FiOS Internet 100/100 is one of the fastest in the United States.