Game training platform 3D Aim Trainer has released its mobile app for free download on the Apple Store.

The app features different training games to help users improve their ability in first- and third-person shooters. These include aiming, accuracy and reaction games, designed to help train speed and precision.

The mobile app has previously been available on the Google Play store since February 2020 – with Android device users gaining a competitive gaming advantage over their Apple device peers for over 5 months.

Since its release on the Google Play store, the 3D Aim Trainer app has been downloaded on over 100,000 Android devices and currently has an average review rating of 4.3 out of 5 stars, from over 4,000 reviews.

However, the playing field is now level, with Apple device users able to download the app on the Apple Store. The release marks the latest platform roll-out for the 3D Aim Trainer tool, which is also available on PC.

There’s long been debate over which mobile and tablet platform is best for gamers. Currently, the Google Play store has over 700,000 more apps than its Apple Store competitor. So, 3D Aim Trainer is helping plug the gap in the market for Apple device users with their game training tool.

The release comes at a prime time for gamers too, with the industry currently booming and expected to continue rising, to over $2 billion by 2023. Plus, more gamers are realising the opportunity to cash in on their hobby and forge a career within Esports.

The number of people employed in Esports careers grew 87 percent in 2019 and this trend is showing no signs of stopping, with the Esports industry growing rapidly in the wake of the global coronavirus pandemic.

With much of the worldwide gaming community facing lockdown measures in 2020, it’s given them more time to focus on their passion for gaming.

You can download the 3D Aim Trainer app on the Apple Store here.

Commenting on the Apple Store release, Bernd Matthys, Co-Founder at 3D Aim Trainer said:

“We’re delighted to release our aim training app on the Apple Store. The app launched 5 months ago for Android users and we’ve had overwhelmingly positive feedback from users seeing improvements in their first- and third-person shooting performance.

“With gaming becoming ever more popular – especially in the current circumstances – and many people now making careers out of their gaming talents, we’re happy to play our part in helping people improve their in-game shooting skills”.