Andy McDonald Middlesbrough MP and Shadow Secretary of State for Transport warmly welcomed Shadow Chancellor John McDonnell’s fulsome support for the North East in his speech in Newcastle today.

“I’m particularly delighted our Shadow Chancellor is putting his weight behind much needed transport infrastructure, investment in the region and is also supportive of critical research and development – particularly the Teesside Metals Catapult proposal from the Metals Processing Institute on Teesside.

“Underpinning this is Labour’s commitment to putting in place a real industrial strategy for the UK and our regions, a strategy focused on getting government to deliver for regions such as the North East, where its massive potential is not being fully realised.

“Labour is looking to the future – yes building on past success but pushing government to unlock investments for the new technologies to herald an industrial renaissance in the UK, with the North East playing a major part. 

“This means also supporting initiatives like the Teesside Collective, which will build on the natural advantages and existing expertise and known technologies to fundamentally tackle industrial carbon emissions, putting Teesside and our region at the cutting edge of Carbon Capture Storage and Re-User technology.

“This will de-couple industrial growth from increased carbon emissions and will not only serve to secure our existing industries but will also attract further inward investment.

“These investments require a much greater focus on the skills that the businesses in our region need now and in the future and which will, in turn, provide long term career opportunities for the generations to come.

“Labour in Government will crack on to unlock the industrial technological and commercial potential here in the North East. 

“We will put an end to the Whitehall and Westminster farce so sharply expressed by the cynical move of the Government’s so called Northern Powerhouse offices from Sheffield to London.

“The North East is already making a huge contribution, but with a Labour Government that is prepared to address blatant infrastructure inequalities, we can do so much more and provide the people of the North East with a prosperous and secure future”.