Chilli No. 5 is spicing up Valentine’s Day with its collection of luxury hot sauces, ideal for gifting to your significant other or adding extra pizzaz to your Valentine’s Day dinner.

Not only the Chilli No. 5 sauces are ideal for gifting and adding extra depth of flavour, but they are filled with a selection of the world’s finest chillies, a well-known aphrodisiac. Chillies contain a large amount of the chemical compound capsaicin, which can reportedly help give your love life a boost by increasing your sex drive.

Our portfolio of 13 globally inspired luxury hot sauces, and monthly limited-edition releases, are designed to pair effortlessly with cuisines from around the world, allowing you to curate a swoon-worthy Valentine’s Day dinner guaranteed to delight your significant other.  

This Valentine’s Day, spice up oysters with a drizzle of our perfectly balanced Sriracha Cha-Cha-Cha healthy hot sauce, pair our Devilish Dijon hot mustard sauce with a high-quality filet mignon and add some extra spice to a chocolate fondue with our decadent Heavenly Harissa, filled with juicy red peppers, sun dried tomatoes, and a curated selection of herbs and spices.

Alternatively, why not try our newly released limited-edition White Truffle hot sauce. This incredible hot sauce is guaranteed to raise temperatures this Valentine’s Day, boasting two of the world’s most potent known aphrodisiacs, chillies, and highly sought-after white truffles.

Swirl this gourmet hot sauce into risotto or pasta dishes, or drizzle over asparagus for an incredible taste sensation that is guaranteed to woo your loved one.

Healthy hot sauces filled with aphrodisiacs 

Our collection of healthy hot sauces is changing the hot sauce industry for the better. And they are not just for Valentine’s Day. Our growing collection of hot sauces are perfect year-round.

Each of our healthy hot sauces are made from the finest ingredients and include a range of superfoods to help boost your health and love life. Additionally, our luxury hot sauces include our handpicked selection of six supplements: guarana, Korean ginseng, Peruvian maca, L-Arginine, Inulin, and Fenugreek. Each of these powerful supplements have been purposefully selected for their amazing range of health benefits, from aiding the symptoms of depression to helping to ensure a healthy heart.

“Our hot sauces are designed to elevate every meal,” said Rumble Romagnoli, founder and CEO of Chilli No. 5. “Whether you are dining with your significant other, with close friends or family, our range of luxury hot sauces are guaranteed to deliver exceptional levels of flavour, Valentine’s Day and beyond.”

Perfect for gifting this Valentine’s Day 

Our beautifully packaged gourmet gift sets and bundles make the ideal Valentine’s Day present for hot sauce lovers.  

Why not give our incredible Chilli No. 5 Gift Hamper – the ultimate gift box for chilli lovers, filled with some of our most popular and tastiest hot sauces, including our Pizza Pizzazz chilli oil, as well as our newly released Chilli Flakes, perfect for those seeking a powerful hit of spicy heat.

Discover Chilli No. 5’s portfolio of healthy hot sauces to elevate Valentine’s Day at For inspiring Valentine’s Day recipes, check out our Superfood Monday video series.