How to see the world if you stay at home in 2020?

Unable to hit the road and explore the world throughout the whole summer, we had to come up with other ways to access culture and gain new experiences. Luckily, technology has progressed in every possible way, enabling us to have a full sense of the spaces we virtually explore. Many museums, theaters, operas, planetariums have opened their virtual tours for free, for people around the globe. Now that we can experience a place without the need to travel, it is so much easier to cope with the mess that is happening around us. It almost makes us wonder how did people do it without VR in the past.

Take a virtual tour 

With virtual travel tours, young people could spend their summer enjoying the most beautiful places on Earth. Taking a virtual road trip is among UK citizens top hobbies during the quarantine period, alongside posting pranks on social media and responding to TikTok challenges.

Online options for Museum tours 

One of the most popular museum tours is the VR Museum of Fine Art, with an amazing 360-view of the most exquisite pieces of the art you have never had a chance of seeing live. This pleasure is free and downloadable for your VR set. However, if you wish to explore the rather more exclusive real-museums, that can be pricey even virtually, you can always invest $0.50 in online slots on, to make enough money and start exploring the never-ending hallways of virtual museums.

Google Maps Navigation and Google Earth VR

Feel like spying on your neighbors or sneaking on the empty streets on the opposite side of the planet? Exploring our continents and beautiful nature through Google Earth VR experience is one of the favorite quarantine activities for many people stuck at home. While being isolated, use the Google apps to plan your next trips and figure out which beautiful country is next on your list.

Monte-Carlo Société des Bains de Mer interactive ways to discover 

Never been to the city/state of Monaco? See what you are missing on the Monte-Carlo online website! Fall in love with Monaco in a single day of the around virtual journey, and start packing your bags for the opening of borders. Prepare extra money for exclusive shopping of new sunglasses and perfumes, alongside the paid tours of the fortress of this beautiful city. Not enough cash? How about quick hits slots for iPhone – make money on your way there and discover unlimited holiday fun.

Planetariums in VR

If you too feel like the next step of humanity is heading to outer space, dive into the virtual spacey experience and wander away to the question that has puzzled mankind since forever – are we or are we not alone in the universe? Titans of Space is an ultimate space trip with amazing soundtracks and great graphic visuals to make the VR planetarium more vivid. If this is the first time you hear about it, don’t forget to check it out. You won’t regret it.

Underwater experiences online tours

Straight from the space experience, dive into the ocean! Discover theBlu, the deep blue virtual reality app, build to be a super realistic diving adventure, boosting your adrenaline and showing you the best features of the water world around us. Find yourself standing on the deck of a ship on the bottom of the ocean, observing the gracious whale swimming by you, and the cluster of bioluminescent jellyfish following it. If you are afraid of the deep waters, there is no need to go through all the diving training and buying expensive equipment. With the extraordinary details this app was designed to present – you will have the genuine feeling that you are already there.

Travel the world virtually

In the year when far off destinations are something we can only dream about, there is no need to keep ourselves from living on the edge that the digital world is providing us. The VR developers are giving their best so that each user will enjoy the best virtual experience possible, with just a few simple download clicks and a pair of googles.