Swedish-born artist filmmaker, Cecilia Stenbom will tour her newest piece of work, Rules of Engagement, across five venues in January and February 2018. Each venue will showcase a slightly different running order of films, based upon a separate loose theme. The theme of the Tyneside Cinema showcase is focused on working with real life testimony as source material. Screenings will be followed by a Q&A in conversation with Stenbom, hosted by writer & film critic, Michael Pattison.

Cecilia Stenbom says:

“The Tyneside Cinema showcase is a bit of a homecoming. I’ve had a few works screened at the Tyneside in group screenings, but I haven’t done this kind of screening, of a series of work, in Newcastle before.

The idea of speaking to Michael Pattison, who is a colleague of mine over at the University, was important as he has a strong connection to the North East, where I am based currently.”

Rules of Engagement is a film about belongingness as a human motivating force. Three seemingly unconnected stories explore how every day norms and social etiquette define who belongs and who doesn’t: Jack, the black sheep is attending a family gathering; Robin is trying to integrate into a new social group, and Nadia is failing to blend in with her conservative work colleagues.

Cecilia Stenbom says:

“The idea for Rules of Engagement came out of research into invisible social protocols and how they are played out in everyday situations. I am interested in the idea of ritualised communication wherein communication – the construction of a symbolic reality – represents, maintains, adapts, and shares the beliefs of a society, group or family constellation, particularly in terms of sharing, participation, association, and fellowship.”

Directed and written by Stenbom, Rules of Engagement stars Steve Greenfield as Robin, Rhiannon Wilson as Nadia and Wayne Lancaster as Jack.

Screenings are FREE to attend, with the exception of Regent Street Cinema. Please see each individual venue’s website for more information.

Tour dates are as follows:


Wednesday 31st January, 7:30pm, Regent Street Cinema, London


Monday 5th February, 7pm, Centre for Contemporary Arts (CCA), Glasgow


Monday 12th February, 6pm, Tyneside Cinema, Newcastle upon Tyne


Tuesday 13th February, 7pm, The Maltings, Berwick


Wednesday 15th February, 6pm, The Tetley, Leeds



For further information:

Website: https://ceciliastenbom.com

Twitter: https://twitter.com/ceciliastenbom