A Penrith-based electrical retailer has been selected to become one of the first in the country to stock the only washing machine to be manufactured in the UK.

Ebac has prioritised independent retailers within the North East and Cumbria, in order to spread the maximum economic benefit to the region, as a result of its investment in new products.

Bakewells Sound & Vision, on Market Place, has reached an agreement with Ebac to make the prestigious new washing machine available to its customers. The tie-up will see Bakewells’ customers amongst the first to have choice on the five new models from the North East-based manufacturer.

Bakewells has been established for more than 50 years and sells a range of products including domestic appliances and electrical goods. The company also specialises in repairs and operates a fleet of vehicles, serving Penrith and North Cumbria.

Ebac has invested £7m in the development of its washing machines, and has built collaborations with leading appliance experts, with over 120,000 man hours provided in research and development. This has given Ebac a world-class understanding of washing machine technology and manufacture.

The new models, which are the first new washing machines to be manufactured in Britain for more than 10 years, have a revolutionary hot and cold water dual fill, as an alternative to traditional cold fill machines. This offers the benefit of shorter wash times and lower energy bills. Ebac is also offering 10 year parts and labour warranties on selected washing machines.

Ebac’s washing machines join an established stable of electrical goods. Ebac is Europe’s leading manufacturer of bottled watercoolers and domestic dehumidifiers, and the company is also growing sales in the laundry and refrigeration sectors.

Colin Birkbeck, owner of Bakewells Sound & Vision, said: “As the business has grown we have continued to diversify our product range and the Ebac washing machines are a welcome addition to our store. There is certainly a demand for British made appliances and we are delighted to have partnered with Ebac and its latest venture.”

Tony Hird, business development manager at Ebac, said: “We are delighted with the support we have received from Bakewells Sound & Vision, and indeed all of our retail partners in the region. There seems to be a real appetite for a washing machine which is made right here in the North and by supporting this product we are also supporting the local economy through jobs and services.”

Ebac chairman John Elliott added: “If we are to resolve the UK’s economic problems, we need to start making things again and this is a huge step in the right direction.

“During my 44 years in manufacturing, the trend has been for jobs to be lost in the North East & Cumbria. It is great to have this chance to bring sustainable jobs to the region.

“It’s good for Ebac, it’s good for the North and it’s good for the country.”