Now, people are looking for new fashion trends, to wear skirt and lehengas is common, so it is good to use something new. For giving a differing look to your fashion, to use pantalon sarouel will be the best option. There are many types of harem pants available in the market, and you have to choose which one will be most suitable. These pants are a good option for women to replace old fashioned pants. When we wear these pants, these provide an fantastic comforts; comfort is the main thing that everybody wants with clothes.

Different types of harem pants

Every woman loved to wear the pantalon sarouel because it is something new and makes the look fantastic. Anyone can purchase them in many different types of styles or designs at reasonable prices. Here, we are going to discuss some styles of harem pants; choose the one that will suit you most.

  1. Arabic styles harem pants

As the name tells, Arabic style harem pant gives an Arabic touch, these types of pants are very comfortable in wearing. These come up with the elastic at the waist, and ankle also has the elastic. The main thing of this item is the cotton material; it provides fantastic comfort to the skin, and it can pair with any skirt or top.

  1. Wide style harem pant

It is considered as one of the most fashionable styles that are famous most among women. Wide style harem pants resemble the skirt, so it feels that you are familiar with it from the years. These are closed on the ankle, but the upper part is flawy, it makes it more amazing. We can wear them with any kind of t-shirt that is colourful.

  1. Buckled-Hem Harem pant

It is one of the most formal styles and liked all over the world. You will get the pockets and buckles in Buckled pantalon sarouel; this style makes it more fascinating. If you are going to buy the harem pant first time then start with it, you will love this stuff.

  1. Pleated Harem pant

Pleated harem pant, as the name suggests, these types of pants come up with the different kinds of plates and have the elastic on the waist as well as ankle. If you like to have the style that is made by plates, and then it is going to be the best choice. Use this trending style and make your physical appearance more attractive.

  1. Translucent Harem

If you want to have the pant that has the feel of a modern touch, then to buy the translucent harem pant will amaze you. This stuff comes in transparent clothes and looks amazing; it can be pair with any upper garments.


Finally, we have covered many types of different styles of harem pants. You can choose any one of them according to your choices and preferences. Visit and online and physical store and but the best and suitable pant for yourself.