Start your holiday with the peace of mind that your home is safe!

The Nuki Smart Lock 2.0 turns your smartphone into a key and seamlessly fits over your existing lock and key in less than three minutes. It can be used to assign digital access rights to friends and family (to water your plants and feed your cat whilst you’re away!). The Nuki also negates the need to hide a key under a flowerpot and even allows you to open the door remotely if you need to let someone have access in your absence (burst pipes perhaps?!.

In addition to assigning access rights, you can see who’s attempted to enter your property and get alerts about open doors with the newly updated push notifications function. This allows you to receive a direct message to your smartphone as soon as the Nuki Smart Lock has executed an action, and can be customised to your individual needs. The Nuki creates a log entry for each action so you’ll know when the dog sitter has picked up your pooch for walkies!

In addition to the action notifications Nuki can also send important warnings. If someone has entered a wrong code on the Nuki keypad, or if the batteries need to be changed then you’ll get a message immediately.