The general time span used by individuals in the global communities to read texts is reducing by the day. People are looking for every avenue to read documents and texts without having to encounter unnecessary information. They’ve advocated for ways in which you can read and go directly to the flesh of the data. This problem is solved with Automatic Text Summarization. 

Automatic Text Summarization is a technique that involves the creation of a brief version of a much fuller text with the intent of uncovering the most important information therein. This summarization is made possible with softwares that requires no human help or editing for it to produce results. This technique makes it easy for people to extract information quickly from a particular text because the central idea has already been summarized. 

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The benefits of Automatic Text Summarization go beyond these obvious problems that they solve. There are also other advantages that you can enjoy by using it. They include: 

  • Instant Response 

Normally, when you want to summarise a text, you need to read through it and fish out the major points that are in the text. However, with automatic text summarization that is not the case. You can now summarise a text of up to 5000 words in just a few seconds by using a software. This way, you can save time and get other jobs done by relying on the advantages that the computer has brought into how you get data. 

  • Suitable For Any Language 

It is possible that you need to summarise a text that is written in a language that you cannot comprehend. The softwares used for automatic 

text summarization are ones that work in any language at all. This ability surely beats that of human beings especially since most people are not multilingual. However, the summarization softwares fills this gap and makes it easy for people who need to translate. They get both translation and summarization all in one software. 

  • Increases Productivity Level

You can easily scan through the contents of a text for accurate, brief and precise information that you need. Instead of reading content that you do not need, these softwares save you the stress by reducing the size of your text to about just 20%. This way, your productivity level would increase and you would be able to channel your energy to other crucial things. 

  • It Includes All The Important Facts 

The human eye can miss out on crucial details that can be found in your text. However, the softwares do not miss it. What every reader needs in any writing is to be able to pick out what is beneficial to them. Automatic text summarization technique makes this provision for you to get all the important facts that are contained in a document with ease.


Automatic text summarization is yet another technological innovation that reminds us that humans can only do within their abilities. However, softwares have a wide range of features that you can enjoy from.

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