Poker game? Are you also familiar with this game? If not, then why don’t you give this game a try? Sure, you’re going to love playing this game. So, before playing let us know about this game, the best poker sites in India, the rules everything, that you need to know about this game. 

So, in the game of poker people play with a normal set of 52 cards. You need skills as well as luck to play and win this gambling game. You have to bet chips that are made of ceramic or plastic discs. You will be betting against other players, depending upon the value of poker in your hand. The game is being played by more than one person.

Now let us know the rules to play this game;

  • The pack: The game is generally played with 52 cards, but sometimes people use the 2 joker cards also.
  • Card value/ scoring: A player, who knows the principles of betting and also the value of poker, can easily win the game. 
    • Five of a kind: In those games where a joker or wild card is being used, this hand will occur only there, which is highest. 
    • Straight flush: In those games where no wild card is being used, this is the highest hand that will occur there. 
    • Four of a kind: After the straight flush, this is the highest hand will occur, where no wild will be used.
    • Full house: This will occur when you have three cards of the same number and two cards of another but the same numbers. 
    • Flush: When five cards from the same suit but not in serial numbers will occur, that is a flush.
    • Straight: When five cards from different suits will occur but all in sequence, that is straight. 
    • Three of a kind: When three cards of the same number and two cards from different numbers will occur, that will be a three a kind combination.
    • Two pairs: This will happen when there are three cards of the same number, two cards of different but the same number, and the fifth one will be a completely different number of them.
    • One pair: When there will be one pair of the same numbers, but the other three cars will have different cards from each other, that is one pair. 
    • No pair: When none of the cards will pair off, that is no pair.
  • Betting:  poker is all about betting. Here you need to manage your chips and earn money.  
  • Right place to bet: in order to win it real time cash a person must know where he needs to place his bets, which is generally based on mathematics. 
  • Table stakes: The number of chips you will have in front of your table will be your limit.
  • Limit your bets : You will have to fix bet limits, which have different ways.
  • The bug: The wildness of joker has limits. The bug is the joker. 
  • Without limits: The games are played rarely, where there is no limit in poker.
  • Draw and stud poker: In this game, the players have to decide which form the players would like to play. 
  • Time limit: The players have to set a time before starting the game. 

So, these are the basic rules that you should know about online poker.

There are a lot of different websites where you can play poker. Here are some of the best poker sites in India ;

  • Adda 52: This is one of the leading websites for poker in India.
  • Spartan: It has many record-breaking tournaments for poker.
  • Khelo 365: This is one of the websites for poker, where playing poker is safe and secure.
  • 9 Stacks: It is known for its smooth interference, various loyalty programs for poker. 
  • Poker baazi:  The website provides its users a safe and secure platform to play poker with interesting deals, new promotions, and tournaments.  
  • Poker tempo: On this platform, you can play real money games, when you have every skill. 
  • Real poker India: This website for poker has several exciting sign-up bonuses.
  • Poker stars: This one is one of the popular websites for poker for real cash games.
  • Poker raj: This website is from Bollywood actress Shilpa Shetty and her husband Raj Kundra.
  • Poker yaar: With thrilling experience, this is one of the best platforms for poker lovers. 

When you will be playing poker on poker baazi, 30%  TDS will be deducted from your winning amount. The amount will be deducted when you will withdraw the money,  and the minimum winning amount must be INR 10,000. But on your deposit money, there will be no deduction of money. 

Regarding legality, online poker is completely legal in India according to some jurists and legal experts. So playing online skill games like poker and all in India is legal but you must be 18 years and above to play this game.So you can play the game from different given best poker sites in India but make sure you are an adult before playing the game.