With so much choice out there, choosing the best social media software is not a walk in the park. Marketers face the challenge of choosing reasonably priced yet powerful social media tools to grow their business, deliver more leads or sales, and build brand awareness for their clients. While we are all spoilt for choice of social media analytics tools, such as Socially Infused, it can easily become difficult to pick the best option. This is why we decided to make it easier for you – we prepared a few recommendations of social media tools.

Complex social media tools – say hello to NapoleonCat

If you work on social media, you are very likely to be in charge of communication for many clients, across many social media platforms. This is understandable since it is an integral part of each and every social media manager’s working day. However, things can become extremely difficult if you have increasingly more profiles to manage. Without automating some of your tasks, more social media management can become harmful, and you can end up feeling burned out. This is why it is so important to appreciate the power of some social media management suites. One of them is Napoleon Cat, which is one of those social media tools that you never knew you always needed. You can schedule your posts using this tool, as well as take care of advanced social media reporting and benchmarking. Also, it goes without saying that analyzing your performance using Facebook analytics and Instagram analytics on a daily basis can visibly help you achieve better results. What is more, NapoleonCat has a great Social Inbox feature that you can use to coordinate conversations with your clients and potential customers, while handling requests directly from the platform. It is especially helpful for bigger teams who are looking for some social media software to help them deal with everyday tasks and complete social media projects.

Chatbots with intuitive social media software – Chatbotize

In many cases, chatbots have been recognised as one of the hot trends for 2020. However, some marketers are scared of building one – they think it requires a lot of coding and skills that they simply do not have. However, with Chatbotize you can easily make the most of some ready-to-use plugins and templates to build your own dreamy chatbot in minutes, without having to play around with coding for hours. No matter if you have already built a chatbot before or have never done so, you can give it a go and create different varieties. Implementing chatbots will likely increase your customer’s satisfaction and loyalty, as well as positively improve the customer service processes, so what is not to like?

Rocketlink for smart social media remarketing 

You can also use Rocketlink for revamping your social media strategy. This is one of the social media tools that enable you to shorten links and use them for further remarketing, even if the content you are linking to is not yours. With this exquisite set of growth hacking tactics, Rocketlink can take your social media strategy to the next level while your competitors are still using standard options available on social media platforms. Other than that, you can customize your shortened links so that they belong to your business.

Tools for social media analytics

There are more tools that you can use for analyzing your social media performance and identifying opportunities for your brand. With Social Auditor, you can recognize whether the influencers you’ve chosen for your marketing campaigns are actually the best fit. At first glance, they may seem great, but when you take a look into the details, you might identify too low engagement rates or fake followers. Another tool worth mentioning here is Grytics, which takes care of social media analytics for Facebook groups. If you run a group, you should be aware of any bottlenecks that cause problems in growing your community, and with Grytics you can identify them quicker and easier.