Best tips for students on how to support ideas and grab the reader’s attention


Writing a convincing essay is a tall task. In the era of such information abundance, it is difficult to distill useful data from all that “white noise” with little to no purpose.

Making your point means persuading the reader of your opinion. It can be compared to what lawyer do — they should corroborate the hypothesis suggested; otherwise, the judge (in our case, the reader) will not believe you.

It is generally true that well-structured research is enough to convince the reader. But, it is only partially true, especially if you buy a cheap custom paper and want to modify it. The point is that you should not only investigate your topic but also present your ideas in such a way that leaves no questions unanswered.

Today, we will discuss the best ways to support your ideas and present your point of view persuasively.

Write an accurate introduction

The introduction of your essay or scientific paper is a preview of what you have done in its central part. According to the University of New England, this part has a defining role in whether the reader continues reading. You should ensure that the beginning of your writing can attract the attention of your audience and answer such important questions as:

  • What is your research or essay about?
  • What is the main question?
  • Why your research or the problem is worth attention?
  • What is the practical value of your writing?
  • What methods did you use in order to get results?
  • Are there any related works of other researchers you have expanded or used as a ground for your work?

That is what every reviewer will most likely ask themselves unconsciously while reading your writing. If you can answer the said questions from the start, you will show that your paper is worth reading.

Make a plan

Having a proper plan is half the battle. Let your readers understand what they will learn from each point. It is recommended to divide your writing into such paragraphs (or chapters, according to the size of your paper):

Introduction paragraph

As we have mentioned before, the main tasks of the intro section are:

  • Catch the reader’s attention
  • Distinctly represent the argument you support or want to prove or disprove
  • Briefly mention what the purpose of your work is

Body Paragraphs

When writing the main body of your paper, ensure that:

  • Each paragraph represents only one piece of evidence
  • You have enough proofs for each point to convince the reader
  • You have enclosed each statement you mentioned in the introduction paragraph

The contrary view paragraph

In this part, you should finally strengthen your position by refuting existing opposing arguments. In order to do so, make sure you:

  • Asked several unbiased readers about possible misconceptions
  • Made your best to express your thoughts and express your ideas clearly
  • Included all pieces of evidence that prove your point of view

Concluding paragraph

Here, just conclude all the ideas you have supported and restate your thesis statement (main point).

Cite authoritative researchers

If you’re writing an academic paper of a scientific article, you should verify if the author whose work you want to cite is competent in your topic. There is no official list of so-called “supported authors,” but allegedly only some of them can be considered trustworthy.

In order to distinguish an expert author from an amateur, you should check their accounts on scientific databases and search for unbiased reviews of their work through.

Firstly, check the main scientific portals of academic writings. You can see the number of citing in Google Scholar. It offers its users unlimited storage of scientific works for preview and citing. Also, it has a citing rating. Thus, you can check the authority of the writer and how often other scholars refer to their work.

Secondly, we highly advise you to visit the Index Copernicus Repositories. It is a European scientific repository that is similar to Google’s one, but all scholars who are willing to submit their work there are required to prove their credibility by providing the university certificate. Thus, this database contains only high-quality papers with a high level of trust.

Proofread your paper

The best way to check if your essay or academic paper is convincing is to ask an unbiased party to read it and give you their feedback.

In order to proofread your writing, you can either ask your friends or go to specialized writing agencies that offer help with academic paper editing. Both variants are useful, but ensure that you can do it before the deadline.

Good luck with persuading your readers and successfully presenting your ideas.