Beth Macari has had a whirlwind start to her 2018, ensuring that, the time away from the music industry she took last year, was worth every ounce.

Performing support slots at Sage Gateshead (RJ Thompson) and the O2 Academy (Rae Morris), a trip to Manchester for some Motown & Northern Soul at the Camerata, and a few singles for added measure including, as of this month, her own, latest offering, Clone.

The soulfully seductive track which Macari insists emanates from “not being in the best of moods” when in the recording studio has finally but thrust into the spotlight this year, achieving adoration wherever performed and sets the 25-year-old up nicely for the festival run this summer.

“I’m really excited for Clone to come out!” began Beth.  

“It has been a long time coming and so far, the response behind the scenes and at gigs has been great.

“I had the most amazing time shooting the music video so I am really hyped to see what people make of it.

“I was in the recording studio (when Clone came about) and I wasn’t in the best of moods.

“I felt a little deflated and I wanted to write something brand new and get rid of my frustration through a song (song writing can be very therapeutic) so I focused on a situation that had upset me a while back, Clone came together very quickly.

“The song to me started with something personal; it was actually based on a friendship as opposed to a relationship, but, as the song developed, the meaning behind it broadened and it became something that actually, I think lots of people can relate to in their own way.”

This year alone Clone comes on the back of two collaboration releases – February saw her combine with global DJ, Kissy Sell Out (KSO) to release ‘Like That’ and last month with Axwanging for the classic, ‘Silence.’

They are certainly a trio of releases that ensures the northern sensation stays firmly at the top of her game, and with the backing she has received for her own release, ‘Clone’ having been signed to Carillo Music, a US-based record label ranked #10 on the Billboard Best Dance Record Labels, in the world, the only way is up.

“(Like That) was a really cool project to start 2018 off with and Kissy Sell Out is a great DJ and Producer.

“To simply explain it, I wrote a song, he liked it, and so took it away and worked his magic.

“The result was a cool garage track called ‘Like That.’

“(Silence) was a bit of a challenge, it’s definitely not an easy song to sing, but it is a great song.

“I’m a Sarah McLachlan fan anyway and I think Silence is a great tune, so, when I got approached to collaborate on it with DJ/Producer Axwanging, I jumped at the opportunity. 

“I love collaborating with new people and I enjoy the challenge of writing outside of my comfort zone, and this project allowed me to do both.”

Now, with other tracks in the bag to come, and festival season upon us – Beth began at Hit the North and will take in the Sunderland Tall Ships, Hardwick Live and the Bingley Music Festival over the next few months, 2018 is shaping up to be a stunning reincarnation year.

Clone is set to be released across all music platforms, including Spotify and iTunes, on May 18 – further details will be released via Beth’s Facebook (