This year’s adjusted transfer window saw the Premier League extended its internal trade window until 16 October. However, much of the action this year came from international deals with other clubs across Europe, which closed on 5 October.

Fans and pundits fill the twelve-week transfer window with wish lists and speculation. Trade rumors abound as analysts sculpt their dream teams, only waiting for a reality check when the window closes.

Which club will fork up the priciest buyout—and will the player prove their worth? Which club will successfully draw internal talent from within the Premier League or an academy?

Despite the disjointed 2019-20 Premier League season, the subsequent trade window reinvigorated interest in the league—especially considering the season began nearly one month before the trade window closing.

Since then, stories covering Allan Saint-Maximin’s New Castle deal and Mesut Ozil’s ongoing struggles with Arsenal have caught the attention of the public. However, the three players below make up the summer window’s biggest moves.

Thomas Partey, Atletico Madrid to Arsenal

On the deadline for international trades, Arsenal confirmed its payment of Thomas Partey’s €50 million buyout clause from Spain’s La Liga. Though rumors had spread regarding Partey’s interactions with Arsenal, the trade confirmation shocked many.

Though the Gunners are excited to welcome Partey to the team, the player’s former squad in La Liga has been left out to dry without their most reliable midfielder. As Atletico Madrid scrambles to find a replacement, Arsenal seems to have fixed their Mesut Ozil problem—at least for the upcoming Europa League competition

As the tournament nears and fans prepare to wager on their favorite team with popular sites like Unibet, analysts and pundits will be looking to see how Partey does with the Gunners as they prepare odds for the rest of the Europa League.

Thiago Alcântara, Bayern Munich to Liverpool

While Gunner fans wait to see if Partey and/or Ozil can lead Arsenal’s midfield, Liverpool fans are ecstatic to have star midfield from the Bundesliga at Anfield. Thiago Alcântara signed for the club after a £20 million deal.

Alcântara marks Liverpool’s latest acquisition of prime up-and-coming talent, similar to their signing of Mo Salah, also on the cusp of greatness. Despite the recent move, Alcântara has already proven his worth with the club. During his debut against Chelsea, he completed 75 passes, which is the highest number of passes any Premier League player has connected in 45 minutes since stats recording began.

Gareth Bale, Real Madrid to Tottenham (Loan)

It’s no surprise that Bale wanted a way off the bench with Real Madrid. Despite the Welsh player’s promise, Zidane offered him few chances—even to leave the club for the Chinese Super League last year. Despite the rumors, the loan trade went off with no bad blood between Bale and Zidane.

Now that Bale has returned to London to play for Tottenham, fans are busy keeping up with Los Blancos and the Spurs to see how each team will stack up in comparison to the other. Though Bale is out on loan right now, a full transfer could be in the cards.

Since the trade, Los Blancos seemed to poke fun at Bale following a 1-0 loss to Everton in Tottenham’s debut. However, it’s likely Bale who’s laughing now as Zidane’s team continues to lose to competition like Cádiz and Shakhtar Donetsk in the Champions’ League group stage.