Complement Genomics Ltd, one of the UK’s largest DNA testing companies, is experiencing a 30% increase in 2016.

The substantial growth is largely down to the DNA, drug and alcohol testing services it conducts on behalf of the legal profession and social services, via its flagship brand, dadcheckgold.

Following a significant rise in demand for its services, the last 12 months have seen the North East based enterprise expand into a larger premises and invest heavily in state-of-the-art capital equipment, as it looks forward to a fruitful 2017.

The company, which has been providing its testing services to the legal profession, local authorities and social services for over 15 years, is located in the recently opened Durham Genome Centre and maintains the highest level of laboratory accreditation.

Via the dadcheckgold brand, it has also now rolled out a drug and alcohol testing service, including new testing services for steroids and legal highs, as well as testing for the drugs of abuse, such as cocaine, cannabis and amphetamines.  Conducting these tests from hair samples, means they can show a history of substance misuse, one of the key requirement for its clients.

CEO and resident genetic testing expert, Ms Louise Allcroft said: “We place the utmost credence on the quality of our work and have become the “go to” lab for complex DNA testing cases, which often require a great deal of sensitivity and skilled interpretation.

“We are highly regarded for the services we provide to the immigration sector, where DNA evidence is often required to support a passport or visa application.”

Long-term client, Jonathan Woodhouse, Director of Freers Askew Bunting Solicitors Limited, in Middlesborough said:

“We have used dadcheck® for several years and it was clear from the outset they pride themselves in an efficient and customer focussed approach.

“They have a great standard of service, are always available to assist, are very price competitive and have an impressively quick turnaround.

“We should be proud to have such an excellent service in our area and I am more than happy to recommend the team to anyone.”

Speaking about the success over the last year, General Manager, Dr Neil Sullivan said: “The company has enjoyed a prosperous 12 months which have seen us move into a state-of-the-art genomics business hub, invest in the latest technology and now to expand our team.

“Human DNA testing is becoming mainstream and we have been able to use our unique skill sets to investigate new areas of application, so that we can be part of a genomics market which is poised to reach £16bn by 2020.”

As part of its future expansion plans, the company has several exciting new areas in the research, development and validation phase. It will be actively recruiting for exemplary molecular biologists and drug analysts to help achieve these growth ambitions.

To find out more about the company and the services it provides, please visit or call 0191 543 6334.