Are you planning on a getaway to New Zealand, the land of the long white cloud? Specifically, Queenstown? Well, this article is just the thing you need if you’re looking for information on the best boutique Queenstown hotels. Below, we’ll introduce you to 10 boutique hotels that we recommend for a tranquil and relaxing stay. If you are comfortable with spending money to reserve an excellent accommodation, let us get straight to it!

Azur Lodge

First up, we have the Azur Lodge, which is situated on top of a hill that provides access to a picturesque view of the landscape. Furthermore, they have exemplary room service which will ensure satisfied bellies when the late-night cravings hit you. You can stay in any of the nine private villas in total, all of which have a private sun deck, lounge, dining area, and bedding made from the most superior linen material. Not to mention, they also provide exceptional services like in-villa massages as well so that you can also kick back and relax without having to travel out to elsewhere.

The Rees Hotel

Located next to a lake called Wakatipu, this hotel is the best place you can find to enjoy scenic views while staying at Queenstown. In addition to a total of 60 hotel rooms and 90 luxury apartments, the Rees Hotel also provides a fantastic dining service with its amazing fine dining restaurant and wine cellar. Besides, it even has a private library, perfect for those who seek serenity to focus on their mental health and spend some quality time reading books. The hotel also provides a special shuttle bus service that transports guests to downtown and back to the hotel, fitting those who feel lazy to walk. Isn’t that so thoughtful?

The Dairy

Situated smack right in the middle center of Queenstown, The Dairy is a popular choice for most tourists as it is so convenient to travel around. This hotel is also a hit with its other impressive features like its on-site spa, vibrant common room, and its 13 private suites.

Eichardt’s Private Hotel

This history-rich hotel encapsulates the essence of luxury as it boasts the most expensive suite in the whole of New Zealand. While this may not sound appealing to people’s wallets, Eichardt has also other more affordable options and it is certainly attractive in terms of its superb location. It allows visitors to enjoy the view of the beautiful Queenstown Bay. To sum it up, it embodies the concept of luxury with its ravishing suites and not to mention, you get to have an amazing dining experience along with a stunning view of the lake.

Queenstown Park Boutique Hotel

For those who pursue privacy and a quiet environment, Queenstown Park Boutique Hotel would be ideal for a peaceful stay. Even though it is situated in a private parkland setting, it is not too far off from the bustling town which is convenient still. Exuding a refined sense of style and aesthetics, the hotel is a view on its own, especially with its smart use of outdoor space to enhance the landscape.

Millennium Hotel

The Millennium Hotel adds to the list of hotels that are highly accessible. It is only a stone’s throw away from the Queenstown Gardens and the central point of the town. With a large variety of suites for people to choose from, guests would not have to worry about not staying at their preferred style of room. The hotel is also known for having a beautiful courtyard, a chic bar to vibe with over a few glasses of drinks as well as a unique experience in the observatory restaurant.

Browns Boutique Hotel

With a European inspired style, Browns Boutique Hotel offers the classic breakfast in bed and it is located just above Queenstown’s main street—how accessible! Notably, this hotel is also the perfect spot to view mountain ranges too.

Novotel Queenstown

Trying to find the perfect place to stay so that you can wake up to an astonishing view of Lake Wakatipu? Well, your answer lies exactly at Novotel Queenstown! This hotel is located beside the lake’s shores and it is also very accessible if you’d like to visit the main attractions of Queenstown or the many nearby restaurants. Feeling a little lazy to step out of this hotel? You do not have to worry as the hotel also has its own restaurant that features a modern concept and unique menu. There is also a bar and cafe that will ensure a full and satisfied stomach!

Other well-hidden boutique hotel gems

Outside of Queenstown, there are multiple boutique hotels that are worth your money as well. Especially for those who seek accommodation outside Queenstown—those taking a pause from the busy resort environment or happen to be on day trips and would like to stay somewhere nearby temporarily should definitely consider these few places that would be introduced below!

Altamont Lodge

Can’t find an affordable place that is cozy and homely? Altamont Lodge is the perfect solution. For those who have a desire to ski, you would not have to worry about the cold afterward as you can return back to a warm and snuggly accommodation. This is because there is a fireplace in the communal lounge. In the summer, this lodge has barbeque pits for guests to enjoy a barbecue session and truly relish in the wholesome experience.

Arrowtown Lodge

While other hotels tend to boast a diversity of suites, this lodge is special in its own way as it only has three cottages to offer. This is coupled with a charming garden for guests to take a stroll, distinguishing itself from other accommodations with its attractive features.

If you’re ever in Queenstown, New Zealand, be sure to check in into any of these 10 boutique hotels. We recommend any of them for a fantastic stay in this lovely New Zealand resort town. With that, we hope you now have a better idea of where you should stay and make sure to enjoy your trip!