Bra fitting guide is any buying direction or bra fitting direction that is given to women. A bra fitting guide can be through word of mouth or through writing. If you do not have an idea of what to look for when buying your bra, this is the best and suitable article for you. In this article, we are going to guide you on how you can easily find the best and suitable bra for you.

So many women in the world do not know how to look for the perfect bra for themselves. That’s why many of them end up buying a bra that is not of the right size. Apart from just causing discomfort, the wrong choice of a bra can be the cause of so many health issues. To avoid being a victim of wrong choices below is a guide for you.


Measurements are very important in guiding. The right sports bra will depend on whether you know your busts measurements or not. Failure to know the bust size is the major reason why many women end up with a bra that is not right for them. When you make an order of a sports bra from a store such as the tuffwomen, make sure that the bra that you have ordered is of your size. Consider size more than the looks


We all know that the work of the straps is to hold the cups. You might think that straps are not very important but they are. In fact, they contribute a lot in choosing the right bra. When fitting your bra, it is very important to check the fitness of the bra. At least make sure that the straps are adjustable. Otherwise, make sure that the straps can offer you the best support ever.


Cups are also very important when fitting. In fact, the cups play a very big role in a person’s comfortability. It is important to know that the cups provide shape to your bust. If you choose cups that are not fitting, you might end up straining a lot. After you have fitted found the right cup size, invest in deciding the coverage. You can have full coverage or half coverage. The coverage is up to your preference.

The Sports Bra Band

The band of your sports bra should be straight and across your back. A smooth band is essential for comfortability. The band is not as insignificant as you think. It can dictate if you will have peace or not. It should also give you a breathing allowance. You can make sure it is the right size by testing with your two fingers.

The Underwire

So many sports bras come with an underwire. They play a big role in giving support. For extra support, consider a bra with a flexible underwire. It will give you extra support and also added lift to your bust.

Finding The Perfect Fit

Finding the perfect fit has been a nightmare for so many people. The perfect fit depends on the cups, the size, the straps, the band and also the gaping. A perfect fit of a sports bra is that bra that you feel comfortable in. You can find one at any shop as long it is the right one.

How To Care For The Bra

Just like any other cloth, bras also need care. First of all, you need to have at least three bras. One should be worn when the other one is being washed. There should be a spare one also. This is the best way to maintain your bra. Also, be careful when washing your bra. Do not rinse in circles you might end up interfering with the elasticity of the bra.


There are so many things that one can check to make sure that the fitting of the bra goes well. It is always advisable to fit into a bra first before deciding to buy it. Therefore, try out as many sizes as possible until you find the perfect size for you. Otherwise, you might suffer severe consequences for making the wrong bra fitting. If you do not have an idea of how to go about it, consider seeking help.