The North East’s leading provider of bespoke business services has launched a unique patented technology that is set to transform the way companies operate and manage their supply chains.

Based in Washington, Jigsaw Business Group’s innovative Jigsawsafe™ technology is designed to support teams to collaborate remotely, gather and store data, and safely enable teams – across various global locations – to be onsite from their desk.

Aptly named Jigsawsafe™ for its Secure Authorised Field Evaluation capabilities, the technology is the first product of its type to provide collaborative, digitally secure, risk free and tamper proof remote data gathering and storage.

Speaking about the launch of Jigsawsafe™, Yaniv Oren, Director at Jigsaw Business Group said: “The Covid-19 pandemic has revealed a real fragility in the modern global supply chain.

“Jigsaw Business Group has a proven track record in supporting major companies across the globe with their supply management to ensure their operations are streamlined, efficient and cost effective. As such, we understand the challenges that businesses face across multiple industries, coupled with the increasing constraints faced as a result of Covid-19, and have developed a solution that we know will transform and simplify supply chain management processes.

“The pandemic has put a virtual stop to business travel and this called for innovative technologies to fill this gap. This is exactly why we have fast-tracked the launch of Jigsawsafe™ – without compromising the design and integrity – offering a real breakthrough in supply chain management to help businesses retain and improve control whilst working remotely and adapt to the new ways of working driven by Covid-19 restrictions.”

Providing cutting edge industry benefits never before experienced, the technology enables data to be captured remotely, securely and evidentially with the ability for companies to view operations in real-time. All data is stored directly and securely to a server and is tamper proof with any addition to original data capture being made clearly evident and auditable.

Jigsawsafe™ offers a full range of comprehensive applications to bolster, ease and verify supply chain practices from stock verification, tooling sign-off and supplier qualification through to capacity verification, proof of concept, remedial work, final quality check and much more.

Yaniv said: “We have already received a huge amount of interest in Jigsawsafe™ – before it was even launched – demonstrating there is a real demand for our unique solution that will be absolutely vital in helping businesses to manage their operations.

“There is real recognition of the major benefits that companies will see including making significant cost reductions, substantial carbon reductions and also marked increases in operational efficiencies, which given the current global climate, has never been more important to achieve.”

Set to revolutionize the management of supply chains – where a witness recorded event is needed – and transform working practices beyond all recognition, the technology is now available and ready to be seamlessly integrated into companies’ systems.

Impressively the company has delivered its leading supply chain management services to major global brands across the world including the likes of Bombardier, Siemens, Jaguar Land Rover, Sensata Technologies and Pandora to name a few.

Jigsaw Business Group is a world leading provider of business services, delivering supply chain management, business improvement, recruitment and training and development services. The company specialises in working with clients in a range of sectors from rail, automotive and energy through to aerospace, manufacturing, engineering and retail. The business works in full accordance with all industry best practice standards including being certified to ISO9001:2015 across all its service areas.