A new survey by Wi-Fi UK has revealed that the biggest frustration with modern life for Brits is buffering when streaming or downloading content. Four in 10 (40%) people claimed buffering was their biggest inconvenience, ahead of difficulty booking a doctor’s appointment (39%) and lack of smart phone battery life (37%).

In fact, poor internet connectivity appears to be causing major problems in the home: 57% of people surveyed have experienced a problem associated with slow Wi-Fi, including problems connecting, slow speeds once connected and interrupted streaming. These respondents have argued with family or housemates as a result of these issues.

Internet connectivity is something we often take for granted in the modern world, but it also seems to be the root cause of much distress. Of those surveyed, 15% of people claimed they get angry by slow home Wi-Fi connection speeds 2 to 3 times per week, while more than 1 in 10 (11%), claimed slow speeds were angering them more than once a day. Founder of Wi-Fi UK Jeffery Linton has witnessed people’s frustrations first-hand, commenting:

“People in the UK have just come to expect Wi-Fi problems. In my experience, they try at least three providers only to realise the Wi-Fi problem still exists, so they just put up with it. I want to show people that they don’t have to do that – there is another option out there that is proven to work – MESH Wi-Fi”. 

The survey also revealed that most people believe their Wi-Fi is performing much better than it actually is. When asked what they thought their average Wi-Fi download speed was, the average answer given was 52 megabytes per second, when in reality, research has shown that the average speed across the UK is only 22.37mb. More encouragingly, 68% of people knew that the quality of their Wi-Fi signal was the responsibility of their internet service provider (ISP), but more than a third (34%) thought it was due to the Wi-Fi router itself.

There are ways to address an underperforming ISP. MESH Wi-Fi poses a solution to slow Wi-Fi connection, by attaching a MESH access point to an existing IP address and creating a Wi-Fi blanket connection across a number of floors. It prevents the frequent scenario where the internet only works effectively in the room in which the router is situated. Wi-Fi UK are pioneers of this innovative creation, with Jeffery remarking:

“MESH is the future of connectivity. It gives you the best experience on Wi-Fi, full speeds and bandwidth, so you can easily stream music and movies and even make video calls effortlessly. With MESH you can take convenience for granted and forget about buffering. This improvement will keep the domestic disputes at bay!”.

There is enough to be stressed about in this modern-day world without having Wi-Fi woes. Fortunately, MESH Wi-Fi can help restore fast internet and domestic harmony, alleviating the biggest inconvenience amongst Brits. The reality is that most Brits rely upon internet content for entertainment and relaxation, and a poor Wi-Fi connection shouldn’t get in the way.


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Wi-Fi UK are dedicated to providing UK homes and businesses with a reliable, fast Wi-Fi connection using the innovative MESH Wi-Fi method. By arping into your ISP Router and obtaining its IP address, Wi-Fi UK are able to connect a MESH access point. They then place the other MESH access points around the house in a triangular formation to ensure your digital network topology has a perfect MESH connection. Wi-Fi UK can create a ‘blanket’ Wi-Fi connection on each floor of a property in only 90 minutes. MESH Wi-Fi can be implemented in residential or commercial properties.

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