There are tons of online cam chat sites on the internet these days and millions of people use them to talk to the strangers, but why? Many would say that it’s fun. While this might actually be a source of fun for some people, it poses serious cyber security and harassment risks.

Online webcams are very popular, especially with the younger people these days. These cams give the people a chance to video chat a completely random stranger, that could be sitting in any part of the world. While there are lots of useful scenarios for the stranger chat, you still need to do proper research and look for an appropriate platform to use the services if you must.

Think Twice!

First of all, you should try your best to avoid the temptation of cam chat with a stranger. However, if you must, then take proper security measures and be careful about what you share with them. Never provide the stranger with your contact number, home address or work address. Also, before doing anything weird in front of the cam, remember that other person can actually make a recording of your video chat and either use it to blackmail you (usually for ransom), or he might upload the video online. So, thing twice before you indulge into stranger chat!

Making Friends Online

Making friends online is fun, right? But it can be dangerous too. First of all, what is the point in making a complete stranger, living in the other part of the world your friend if you’ll never meet them in person! Instead, use the security setting on all the online cam sites and also your social media profiles to limit who can reach you. Only allow the members of your family and your close friends to contact you, and only video chat with the person you’ve met in person and know very well about.

Exposure To Sexual Content

Most of the webcam sites allow to contact completely random strangers, other might even let you see the conversation between the two people. One such site that is not advisable to use do rather unsavory reviews across the board is camfuze. The reason why are this is another one of these shady cam chat sites that do not really do a good job at explaining costs or providing site transparency. Age verification is a big issue not just with webcam sites but also with the stranger chat sites. This video chat site has been discussed at many forums as have dozens of others as being popular but not the best alternatives for cam chat.

Sites with risked security and not so great control over their users often expose the children to pornographic content and adult behavior. You can do your part by reporting such users to the service if you come across any.

Learn To Pull Out At The Right Time

Many people using the webcam services are just on the platform to fulfill their sexual desires, so, they’ll try to trick you into appearing nude in front of the camera, and some innocent people even fall for these tricks!

Just before doing strange thing in front of your cam. Remember that all of the cam footage can be recorded by that stranger and he might use it to blackmail you (as explained earlier). So, if you must use a stranger chat service, act responsibly in front of the camera. Check out for more info

You Might Face A Cyber Attack

Billions of people use internet everyday, yet a very few of them actually know how to keep themselves safe online. Same problem persists with the people using online cam services and sites to talk to the strangers. Hackers have tricky ways of exploiting you and the service, and they can easily get access to your device (and all of the information stored inside it) pretty easily, that is especially if you fall for their tricks and end up downloading/ I stalling any strange file that they share with you. So, learn to say no, and read some useful guides on how to make yourself immune to cyber attacks, as those can cost you heavily.

Report To The Authorities

So, you used a cam service, and faced sexual or other type of inappropriate behavior by a stranger. Fortunately, you aren’t helpless in this situation, both children (especially) and adults can report to the relevant authorities like the police or a cyber crime agency to remain safe.